Atrendia Friday Video 30 – The 14 Points

W. Edwards Deming, in this Youtube video, says, “What needs to be done, can only be done by top management.”  What do you think?  Has this idea become outdated or can we still learn from the [...]

Get the Yes: Winning Funding, RFPs, and Grants

With my systems-thinking brain I asked her: How will they choose you over other worthy requests? What personal and professional criteria will members of the funding team consider before dropping [...]

Hey Mr. Sales Director, George Trachilis is NOT nuts. Are you nuts?

One of your prime objectives as a sales director is to get your teams out of their inbox and in front of the customer as much as possible. I’m not knocking the importance of email, I’m just [...]

Content Marketing that Converts

“Content is king”. I’ve heard that phrase for years. But what does it mean? Does it mean that by offering thought-provoking, useful, creative information buyers will be motivated to contact you [...]