Mark Wilding

As an initial skeptic of LeanMail, I was very surprised at the benefits that the tools and methodology has given me and my team. The daily grind of an overflowing inbox was getting to the point [...]

Patricia Johnston

“It took expert eyes, an expert mind and the solid, practical tools you gave us, to point this out .” My colleague Nicolas and I would like to express our thanks for the two days you spent with [...]

Jeffrey Chabon

“The education that you have provided me has made me 1000% more efficient in all of my business activities.” The time that was wasted not only on email, but tasking and next steps has been [...]

Waleed Mphaga

“LeanMail is the next best thing since the sliced bread.” It is indeed true that organizing my emails was becoming a challenge until Leanmail came on board. I absolutely appreciate the changes it [...]

Mohamed Mayet

“No longer is stress coming from email.” I have found that LeanMail works very well for me. It made me disciplined with the result of being efficient in managing my mails. There is always a lot [...]

Nenette Bezuidenhout

“LeanMail is fantastic” Being more productive and organized during the week helps me enjoy my weekends again without stress of the unknown for the week to come! Nenette Bezuidenhout, National [...]

Johan Hammer

“I am certain that it quickly gives ROI.” LeanMail is not just a tool, it’s a personal tool. It has helped me to optimize my daily work flow in a way that is good for me. The success factor is a [...]

Trine Langelund

“I love LEAN mail” In 30 minutes – I have planed all my mails after having spent 3 weeks on holiday – so I’m ready to go to work Monday morning – without stress!!!! This is fantastic!!!! Trine [...]

Larry Hall

“Prior to being introduced to Atrendia I was already utilizing the “Take Back Your Life” email management system…” The Atrendia add-in provides a more automated and complete approach that takes [...]