6 Reasons Why You Should Not Implement LeanMail In Your Organization

 6 Reasons Why You Should Not Implement LeanMail In Your Organization by Michael Hoffman 1. Email management solutions are basically digital paper shuffler. Myth: LeanMail probably organizes email and adds more bureaucracy to an already bureaucratic process. I have enough add-ins my kitchen drawer already. Myth Buster: LeanMail is not an organizer — though it will help you become more organized.  […]

9 Tips for Working from Home

9 Tips Working From Home by Michael Hoffman There are oodles of tips on the Net for working from home.  Here is a compact version. 1. Create a morning and closing routine Routines are important because they prime us for jumping into our work and help us transition back to our personal life, respectively.  There are […]

Politically Correct or Upstanding?

Politically Correct or Upstanding? by Michael Hoffman There are two reasons why I think it’s high time we traded the term “politically correct” with the something else.      The first reason is because over the years “politically correct” has been stigmatized as being negative and heavy instead of righteous and observant of personal values and ethics.  Less informed people shun being […]