Is there good stress

Is there good stress I just read another article where the author, backed up by degrees in psychology, explained that stress can be a good thing and that we shouldn’t — well, get stressed by stress.    I think that the main message of transforming stress into positive energy is excellent.   Agreed.   But here’s what I […]

You Have Been Suspended As Of Today’s Date

You Have Been Suspended As Of Today’s Date Imagine receiving an email from the board of directors or from your boss, telling you that you have been suspended and that the suspension is likely to take weeks before the investigation (investigation!?) has been completed. This happened to a client of mine, who, by the way, […]

Stop planning 60-minute meetings

  If it isn’t obvious yet, 60-minute meetings are not very practical. The problem is that we can’t go from one 60-minute meeting to another without a break to enter notes and physically get to the other meeting.  (Much better to do right after the meeting than hours or even days later when so much has been […]

How to write Next Actions that create impact

  Probably the biggest challenge novice LeanMailers face is writing proper Next Actions (NAs) that make an impact on your brain. When your NAs are generic, your brain struggles to remember what the NAs pertained to. The result, then, is an increase in time-spend, not a decrease — without any return on investment The reason Generic NAs don’t hook into your memory, […]