Looks can be deceiving, so we stick to tried and true Pareto.

pareto principles

Looks can be deceiving, so we stick to tried and true Pareto.  My team (steeped in the 80/20 rule or Pareto Principle) came to me with this; Trello’s (new?) way of adding priorities to cards – and I have to say it looks very cool.  Unfortunately, this time Trello got it wrong. Looks can be deceiving.  Ok Trello fans, before you dismiss me […]

Why Fix It If People Don’t Know Email Should Be Prioritized

  I just read an article by a very smart man, Nathan Zeldes, who believes that we need a benchmark for email classifier performance.  In other words, some way of gaging how well auto-prioritization Maybe.  Maybe not. It seems that most email apps these days are looking for this algorithm as if it were the […]

Working according to JIT (Just In Time)

More than anything else, perfectionist and self-critical attitudes about ourselves are what kills our productivity.  These attitudes are most often revealed in the form of procrastination, but procrastination is not the demon; it is the messenger. Neil Fiore, in his book, The Now Habit, defines procrastination as: A mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated […]