Sorry, Email Won’t Die In 2015 (Or Any Time Soon)

Sorry, Email Won’t Die In 2015 (Or Any Time Soon)There’s a horde of startups trying to replace email. Some of these apps, like Slack (which we use at Business Insider), take a chat-room approach. There are enterprise messaging apps that work like Snapchat, like Cotap and TigerText. Some mobile-first productivity apps like Quip imagine that […]

Working according to JIT (Just In Time)

Working according JIT (Just In Time)   More than anything else, perfectionist and self-critical attitudes about ourselves are what kills our productivity.  These attitudes are most often revealed in the form of procrastination, but procrastination is not the demon; it is the messenger. Neil Fiore, in his book, The Now Habit, defines procrastination as: A […]