After the introduction of LeanMail to my jammed mailbox, I’m finally in total control of my mailbox, activities and things I must do. After the gained control there, I “copied” the idea to my physical archives, because paper sometimes still works best. Now I’m in control of my office. All in all I have reduced my to-do “processing time” by more than 50%, and am still improving and gaining more and more control. If you still haven’t tried it and your mailbox is like mine was, you’ll have to work overtime, while I’m off for afternoon coffee. Go for it. P.S. Recently my laptop died and our IT department gave me a “loaner” without LeanMail installed and no access to the Internet. After 6 months with Lean Mail, I now understand that you live with LeanMail, but can barely survive without it. D.S.
Gert Hansen
Group Security Specialist
Strålfors A/S