When attending the LeanMail course, I honestly must say I approached it with a bit of doubt. I had my own structured way of managing emails… and it worked!… well… or so I thought!

I never thought I could improve. So…What could Atrendia teach me… not much right? …Wrong!

Already after our first session I was positively surprised. Within a couple of days I was saving a lot of time on email. My overview had improved and with little effort my mailbox was empty, organized and I felt in control.

I now know what to prioritize every day and my emails will be there, ready for the day I need them so I don’t miss a deadline. And thanks to the “next action” field I don’t have to re-read anything again and again to remind myself what to do.

Email chaos is often a source of stress for all of us, and I must say, using the LeanMail features and ensuring “snow” in my inbox every day has reduced my time spent on emails, reduced my stress, and optimized my email management.

My only challenge was my folders. I loved my folders. But my LeanMail trainer challenged me, and now with my LeanMail Archive, I have all my emails in one folder, however they are all categorized and easy to find. You don’t have to search folder after folder to locate your email. You can add one or more categories to your mails and if I get a request from a country or customer I can easily find the last correspondence sent. This was a huge eye-opener for me and I will never be without my Atrendia LeanMail Add-in.

LeanMails trainer’s make everything easy to understand and apply in your daily work, and if you need it, support is just an email or phone call away.

I would recommend everybody to attend this course. This course is amazing!

Jannie Jacobsen
Executive Coordinator
Logistics company

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