LeanMail was introduced in Actavis first as a pilot project to a selected group of people. Based on their feed back and the absolutely fantastic eye opener these 2 + 2 hour lessons were; it is obvious to us that we will take this to the next level. We will give more people the option of participating. By having more and more colleagues in Actavis using LeanMail we will get a common understanding of how to best utilize Microsoft Outlook, not only as a Mail and Calendar tool, but also a tool used to help in prioritizing in a very clever and time-saving way each day. There is no doubt that in the longer term using LeanMail will save time and thereby also money for us. Last but not least: In an organization, where IT is business driven with a very restricted platform, it makes it even easier that no new software needs to be installed. It’s about working with Microsoft Outlook in a much smarter fashion than how the majority do. Thanks for giving us the ability to learn ….. through learning we will grow.”
Marianne Norup-Nielsen
IT Manager
Actavis A/S

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