Rasmus Kjærgaard Nielsen

“I like keeping an overview of my inbox”  It helps me to prioritize my to do-list. Jacob Larsen Tax Manager Baker Tily

Lars Larsen

“I am very happy with how I can prioritize and plan”  I now have more time to spend on work outside of my inbox. Lars Larsen CFO Baker Tilly

Sara Kirch

“It’s great that it gives you a quick overview”   It’s nice having an empty inbox. Sara Kirch Manager Baker Tilly

Helle Brandt Møller

“I love my empty inbox”   I´m able to prioritize better. Helle Brandt Møller Public Accountant Baker Tilly

Charlotte Silsbury

“LeanMail helps me be more time efficient and productive”   It is nice to have an empty inbox. Charlotte Silsbury Manager Baker Tilly

Conny Gilsing

“LeanMail helped me to prioritize my tasks”   I now have a clearer idea of next actions. Conny Gilsing Manager Baker Tilly

Henrik Meng Funch

“I work more efficiently”  With LeanMail I can do my work more efficiently, for example prioritizing and not reading the same mail more than once. Henrik Meng Funch Manager Baker Tilly

Michael Brink Larsen

“It is much easier to find mails.” LeanMail is great for two reasons: No.1 is planning – I now have full control over all received mails and when to answer or execute. No. 2 is archiving. Michael Brink Larsen Partner Baker Tilly

Maria-Christina Binau-Hansen

“LeanMail gives a better overview of my emails.” Maria-Christina Binau-Hansen Senior Tax Consultant Baker Tilly

Marc Tinggaard Frydendal

“LeanMail helps me keep track of my inbox and makes sure that I don’t forget a deadline.” Furthermore, searching for that old e-mail has never been easier. Marc Tinggaard Frydendal Tax Manager Baker Tilly

Laila Hansen

“LeanMail reduces stress by providing a good overview.” Laila Hansen Registeret Revisor og Partner Baker Tilly

Ole Schmidt

“LeanMail gives me an overview of my email and an empty inbox.” Ole Schmidt Certified Public Accountant and Partner Baker Tilly