Laurent Lefebvre

“My inbox is now my daily dashboard;” A steering tool that I control, where every action is prioritized and planned so that the mails in anticipation of stimulus amuse me sometimes. Planning allows mails from every night with an empty inbox and a guarantee that everything will be processed on time, with increased efficiency and […]

Monique Folly

“…there is no more “spring cleaning” to do.” I especially like the work in two steps: prioritization, planning gives me a better view ofwhat I do. I feel that I won’t miss an important message and I win in comfort. My email is handled in a flow and there is no more “spring cleaning” to […]

Marc Bettinger

“Very reluctant but curious at first, now I am totally convinced” There is a real gain. Before, my prioritization was mainly by the sender of the mail which I thought, “if I embolden this, it is that mail is important,” now, more stimulus, important issues are prioritized and processed and my internal customers are satisfied. […]

Claus Mengel-Niemann

“Almost everyday my inbox is ‘zeroed’ and I have taken back control of my time and actioning.” I am particularly happy about the possibility to put an action date on e-mails and thus being able to follow up mails in time and stay in control of my inbox. Testimonial update – 3 years later… I […]

Laurent Tacconi

“We refocused on the basics.” The seminar beginning of the project was very powerful and has an original approach to a tool like Outlook, which the use is not well experienced in-house. The method brings efficiency and can be detached from the flow of mail to deal with substantive issues. We refocused on the basics. […]

Pascale Sciacaluga

“It would actually be cruel to withdraw the tool.” I asked to join the project and do not regret it, it would actually be cruel to withdraw the tool. The approach is consistent with the way I drive my business, I am now more responsive to the mail and proactive. In addition, I use the […]