Lene Aarøe Nissen

“LeanMail allows you to prioritize and focus…” LeanMail allows you to prioritize and focus on the most important subjects effectively. Lene Aarøe Nissen Head of Nordic Sales Alsiano

Sasha Tomin

“Efficient way to prioritize and organize your mailflow”  Getting day-to day structure in a logical way and ease of archiving by topic, customer, supplier or what ever you wish. Sasha Tomin Area sales manager Alsiano

Lena Molin

“I save a lot of time with prioritizing and planning”  Next actions are more clear with this better overview. Lena Molin Area Sales Manager Alsiano

Peter H. Bendtsen

“I see better potential in planning and sorting my emails”   I am now able to stay more organized. Peter H. Bendtsen Area Sales Manager Alsiano A/S

Birthe Skinderholm

“I appreciate the quick inbox overview and how time efficient LeanMail is”   I have less stress and am more productive at work. Birthe Skinderholm License Specialist Atea

Jan Hansson

“With LeanMail, there are fewer e-mails for me to review”   I don´t have to spend as much time sorting through my inbox anymore. Jan Hansson Senior Area Sales Manager Alsiano A/S

Anna Carin Djerf

“Full control on my inbox”   Using LeanMail I know exactly what to do. Anna Carin Djerf Customer Service & Office Responsible Sweden Alsiano A/S

Diana Dosen Grunning

“Empty mailbox”   LeanMail helps me to have a better work-flow and to manage the mailbox. Diana Dosen Grunning Sales Area Manager Alsiano A/S

Remco Bitter

“I like its simplicity and visual aspects…” As a lean leader I am always looking for ways to improve processes, including my own. When Atrendia approached me with their “lean” e-mail management I was of course challenged to test if their tool would actually bring me any benefit at all. I was pleasantly surprised: not […]

Jens Hummeluhr

“Learning and using LeanMail has definitely given me more efficiency…” ..and a better overview of my e-mails, tasks and calendar. Also the ability for the system to function together with our Outlook based CRM system has been a great advantage. Michael has had the skills and expertise to help us combine LeanMail and our CRM. […]

Olivier Lamothe

“LeanMail has profoundly changed the way I organize my tasks… “ and allows a clear vision of what needs to be done in the days and weeks to come. Even in the busiest times, this leads to less stress and more confidence. This methodology has had a real impact on my work life! LeanMail a […]