Satya Christophe Menard

“LeanMail gives you control of priorities and make sure you don’t lose track of emails” Satya Christophe Menard CEO Service Operations Group Sodexo

Larry Hall

“Prior to being introduced to Atrendia I was already utilizing the “Take Back Your Life” email management system…” The Atrendia add-in provides a more automated and complete approach that takes managing email to the next level of productivity and effectiveness. Larry Hall Vice President Business Development Sodexo Education

Wendi Gretz

“The tools and tips I learned from Atrendia and LeanMail…” …have helped me streamline my process for dealing with emails and cleaning up my inbox Wendi Gretz Marketing Coordinator Sodexo

Brett Wheat-Simms

“I highly recommend LeanMail to anyone looking to get a grip on their inbox.” LeanMail has been a great resource in assisting me in being more productive. From the program itself to the great customer support, I highly recommend LeanMail to anyone looking to get a grip on their inbox. Brett Wheat-Simms Head of HR […]

Kandy L. Grenier

“It’s worth every penny!” LeanMail is an excellent program that every busy professional needs. Such a simple application has really allowed me to manage my inbox instead of feeling overwhelmed with the volume. I’m able to plan and prioritize very quickly and nothing gets lost in the flow. I highly recommend Atrendia to anyone who […]

Bill Farley

“It’s hard to remember how I was able to keep track of everything before using LeanMail!” Great add-in to Outlook! Before using LeanMail, my inbox was the typical “folder for open issues”. Now, I am in control my Inbox and able to plan responses and follow-ups. LeanMail also helps me prioritize tasks to ensure the […]

Kendley Davenport

“LeanMail has really allowed me to focus my work and get more out of my day. “ I believe it has improved the quality of my work as I am able to have more time to really focus on projects/tasks without worrying or thinking about my inbox. LeanMail has a number of good organizational features […]

Daniel Garcia

” It makes Outlook easyI…Love it! ” I’ve been using LeanMail now for about a year and find it to be an indispensable tool. It makes Outlook easyI can now effortlessly go through my entire inbox and categorize, prioritize and sort all my email in half the time of what it used to take me. […]

Joann Canaday

“I am so happy that I went through this training. “ It has transformed my work life. I feel less anxiety about my email inbox and have been so productive. I love LeanMail! Joann Canaday Head of HR Sodexo