Rasmus Kjærgaard Nielsen

“I like keeping an overview of my inbox”  It helps me to prioritize my to do-list. Jacob Larsen Tax Manager Baker Tily

Lars Larsen

“I am very happy with how I can prioritize and plan”  I now have more time to spend on work outside of my inbox. Lars Larsen CFO Baker Tilly

Sara Kirch

“It’s great that it gives you a quick overview”   It’s nice having an empty inbox. Sara Kirch Manager Baker Tilly

Helle Brandt Møller

“I love my empty inbox”   I´m able to prioritize better. Helle Brandt Møller Public Accountant Baker Tilly

Else Johansen

“LeanMail helps me see only what I have to deal with today.”   It´s great for prioritization. Else Johansen Account Manager ProviNord A/S

Charlotte Silsbury

“LeanMail helps me be more time efficient and productive”   It is nice to have an empty inbox. Charlotte Silsbury Manager Baker Tilly

Conny Gilsing

“LeanMail helped me to prioritize my tasks”   I now have a clearer idea of next actions. Conny Gilsing Manager Baker Tilly

Stephen LaFata

“Immediately useful and executable” I found Email Excellence very useful in my business emails— immediately useful and executable. The creator quickly goes through the basics and delves deeply into advanced topics that will benefit all of us. Stephen LaFata Chief Compliance Officer Alethea Capital Management

Laurent Lefebvre

“My inbox is now my daily dashboard;” a steering tool that I control, where every action is prioritized and planned so that the mails in anticipation of stimulus amuse me sometimes. Planning allows mails from every night with an empty inbox and a guarantee that everything will be processed on time, with increased efficiency and […]

Monique Folly

“…there is no more “spring cleaning” to do.” I especially like the work in two steps: prioritization, planning gives me a better view ofwhat I do. I feel that I won’t miss an important message and I win in comfort. My email is handled in a flow and there is no more “spring cleaning” to […]

Marc Bettinger

“Very reluctant but curious at first, now I am totally convinced” that there is a real gain. Before, my prioritization was mainly by the sender of the mail which I thought, “if I embolden this, it is that mail is important,” now, more stimulus, important issues are prioritized and processed and my internal customers are […]

Laurent Tacconi

“We refocused on the basics.” The seminar beginning of the project was very powerful and has an original approach to a tool like Outlook, which the use is not well experienced in-house. The method brings efficiency and can be detached from the flow of mail to deal with substantive issues. We refocused on the basics. […]