Simona Ivan

“LeanMail gives me more time during the day.” Simona Ivan Marketing Manager HOYA Vision Care

László Bácskai

“LeanMail allows me to do the most important things first. The archiving is also much more effective.” László Bácskai General Manager HOYA Vision Care

Waleed Mphaga

“LeanMail is the next best thing since the sliced bread.” It is indeed true that organizing my emails was becoming a challenge until Leanmail came on board. I absolutely appreciate the changes it has brought to the way I manage my emails. I am glad to tell you that LeanMail is the next best thing […]

Mohamed Mayet

“No longer is stress coming from email.” I have found that LeanMail works very well for me. It made me disciplined with the result of being efficient in managing my mails. There is always a lot of stress in the workplace but no longer is it coming from email. The idea of Categorizing and Prioritizing […]

Nenette Bezuidenhout

“LeanMail is fantastic” Being more productive and organized during the week helps me enjoy my weekends again without stress of the unknown for the week to come! Nenette Bezuidenhout National Sales and Technical Manager Hoya Visual Care

Bo Littau

“I went through the ceiling of the enthusiasm over Atrendia’s presentation…” I would like to make a high recommendation of holding a meeting with the company Atrendia. They see that the most effective approaches to enhancing the effectiveness of the working time mm. in relation to communications/e-mail and information, I have seen for a long […]

Adrian Badiu

“Biggest doubter – turned advocate!” I approached the training with big, big doubts. I thought was managing email well, with automatic rules and a couple of folders, and I never thought I badly needed an improvement. LeanMail added the one piece of the puzzle I was missing – a next action planner! Now I’m even […]

Michélle Bonthuyzen

“LeanMail is a must for every manager!” Since I’ve started using LeanMail, I am in charge of all my day-to-day activities. I can priorities important issues and also keep reminders for myself. My diary is a thing of the past as I can keep perfect track of my day in my Inbox! LeanMail is a […]

Hilton Silver

“I can’t see myself without it.” LeanMail has definitely changed the way I work. It has really helped manage my email and increase my productivity. I think it’s a great tool to use and I can’t see myself without it. Hilton Silver IT & Commercial Manager Hoya Vision Care