Rodrigo Larrea

“I like the simplified ordering of tasks”  I save time organizing my day. Rodrigo Larrea Regional Sales Director Healthcare Sodexo

Simona Ivan

“LeanMail gives me more time during the day.” Simona Ivan Marketing Manager HOYA Lens

Linda Olesen

“LeanMail gives a much better overview of mails. It is easy to categorize and saves time by not having to push to folders.” Linda Olesen HR Officer Sanofi-Aventis

László Bácskai

“LeanMail allows me to do the most important things first. The archiving is also much more effective.” László Bácskai General Manager HOYA Lens

Adrian Badiu

“Biggest doubter – turned advocate!” I approached the training with big, big doubts. I thought was managing email well, with automatic rules and a couple of folders, and I never thought I badly needed an improvement. LeanMail added the one piece of the puzzle I was missing – a next action planner! Now I’m even […]