Morten Aaberg

“With LeanMail, you have the ability to distinguish between urgent and important.” You don’t have to waste time handling your email if you use the system right. Morten Aaberg Director – Product Sales Mannaz A/S

Karsten Mortensen

“…Now, I am much more conscious about structuring my emails based on the good advice…” Handling all the emails that I get everyday has always been a challenge. I have never found a really good way of structuring my inbox so that it supported me in being more effective and productive. The excellent workshop we […]

Lone Vinther

“At first I didn’t see the point in attending…I think I have saved up to one hour per day of working time. “ The LeanMail system has provided a significant advantage in my daily work life. After nearly six months of using LeanMail, I believe I have saved up to one hour per day. Additionally, […]

Benny Strömberg

“Having an empty inbox gives me a sense of calm before the weekend.” I have worked with LeanMail for many years and my experience is that it helps me work more effectively. LeanMail’s method of categorizing and saving all important mails in one archive is far superior to using folders and makes searching for what […]

Kasper Hansen

“This is what makes them such a distinguished training organization:” When I heard about LeanMail, and how it would help me get in control of my inbox and not waste my time handling emails, I must admit, I was a bit skeptical. But after using it for some weeks, I realized that I was not […]

Trine Nygaard Hamann

“My hand-written to-do lists are gone now – and that is absolutely amazing!” Thank you for an excellent programme. It has really changed my way of managing my mails but also my hand-written to-do lists are gone now – and that is absolutely amazing! And special thanks to you, Michael, for giving feedback, motivating and […]

Lasse Kudsk

“…Can’t live without it.” Two years ago, Michal Hoffman showed me the LeanEmail system for the first time. My first thought was “No one can show me a better way to handle e-mail than the way I do it now”. Was I wrong ? YES! Those of us who are using LeanMail today can’t live […]