Trine Langelund

“I love LEAN mail” In 30 minutes – I have planed all my mails after having spent 3 weeks on holiday – so I’m ready to go to work Monday morning – without stress!!!! This is fantastic!!!! Trine Langelund CIO VP Information Technology Teleca AB

Brian Werneburg

“Laughing off past mistakes…” The most valuable thing in Email Excellence is its reader-centric philosophy, plus the concrete tools for implementing that philosophy. Also, the humor is definitely a plus—the narrator made it easy for me to laugh off my past mistakes, vow never to repeat them, and move forward with a “reader-centric” approach. Brian […]

Magnus Rimvall

“LeanMail is a simple and easy-to-use tool…” Email productivity requires an effective process, personal discipline and a good tool. LeanMail is a simple and easy-to-use tool, which implements a well-thought-out process – add your own discipline and significantly reduce your “Email stress”. Magnus Rimvall CIO VP Information Technology Teleca AB