Selvakumar Mookkaiah

“I think that LeanMail helps with responsibility and prioritization”  The completion set-up is helpful. Selvakumar Mookkaiah Mechanical Engineer FLSmidth

Sandeep Maan

“It helps me prioritise mail and tasks so that I don’t always have to remember”  This saves me so much time. Sandeep Maan Material Controller & SOP Team Lead Hexagon Metrology

Jade Tate

“The biggest benefit for me is getting rid of my amount of folders”  It ensures that I am more organized. Jade Tate Digital Marketing Executive Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Oliver Lyng

“LeanMail structures my emails in a better way”   I am more organized and productive. Oliver Lyng License Specialist Atea

Nicklas Wong

“LeanMail helps me to work faster”   It´s been efficient in helping me manage my Inbox. Nicklas Wong Non Standard Software Team Lead Atea

Benedikte Skotte

“It helps me prioritize and organize my emails better”   I can meet deadlines now. Benedikte Skotte Student Helper – Adobe License Specialists Atea A/S

Arnold Alonzo

“Mailbox is more organized”   The advantage of LeanMail is the organization of the mailbox. Arnold Alonzo IT Specialist Entrust

Yasmin Tariq

“It makes the organizing and coordination much easier.” he work is more efficiently divided among colleges and we can better cooperate and perform as a team to manage the tasks better in our everyday life in Atea. Yasmin Tariq Intern Atea A/S

Suzanne Valentine

“Love having an empty inbox and planning each email.” Took awhile to learn but once I got it down it saves time for sure. The archiving is a great tool that has also made my life easier and I can find the emails if needed much faster. Suzanne Valentine A/R Accounting Clerk Entrust

Jordan Cole

“After implementing LeanMail, I now truly benefit from prioritizing responses and planning when to execute actions.” Jordan Cole Inside Sales and Procurement Entrust

Mark Wilding

I am very surprised at the benefits that LM tools and methodology has given me and my team. As an initial skeptic of LeanMail, I was very surprised at the benefits that the tools and methodology has given me and my team. The daily grind of an overflowing inbox was getting to the point where […]