Anne Maagaard

“I feel a lot less worried about forgetting things…” I feel a lot less worried about forgetting things (deadlines, events etc.), because I know that the important e-mail will appear on the day I need it (because I scheduled it to do so) 🙂 Anne Maagaard Customer Operations Group Specialist DHL EXPRESS

John Jebelli

“LeanMail allows me to better plan my inbox by giving me an overview.” John Jebelli Team Lead in Key Account Desk DHL Express

Jannie Jacobsen

“LeanMail – How did I ever manage to live without it?” When attending the LeanMail course, I honestly must say I approached it with a bit of doubt. I had my own structured way of managing emails… and it worked!… well… or so I thought! I never thought I could improve. So…What could Atrendia teach […]

Anders Ullerup

“This is really one of the best “gifts” I have been given in my time at DHL.” It helps me avoid stress and keep a clean inbox; always meeting my deadlines and even – yes, being ahead of the game most of the time. Anders Ullerup Manager CS Systems DHL Express