Anne Marie Nielsen

“It’s very useful”   I have a much better overview of what needs to be actioned and what not. Anne Marie Nielsen Project Manager Mannaz A/S

Sebastian Larsen

“Great overview”   Using LeanMail I have increased my productivity Sebastian Larsen System Administrator Allianceplus A/S

Rikke Fabricius

“Great overview”   What I like the most about LeanMail is the post-it part. Rikke Fabricius Head of Operational Support Allianceplus A/S

Anders Egehus

“LeanMail makes your work easier”   It provides good base for structure and prioritisation. Anders Egehus CEO Allianceplus A/S

Anette Bach

“It structures your emails”   LeanMail has helped me to improve my general organization of the emails. Anette Bach Project Coordinator Mannaz A/S

Charlotte Panton

“Better overview of the inbox”   With LeanMail I have a better overview of the inbox and it helps me to remember tasks. Charlotte Panton Regional Manager Allianceplus A/S

Brandon Zeeff

“LeanMail keeps me organized and on track.” Brandon Zeeff Director of Finance Heard and Smith