Erdem Esedoglu

“LeanMail definitely decreases the time I spend on emails.” It provides a better archiving method compared to normal processes, and you feel much more comfortable leaving the office without any pending mails. Believe it or not, you are going to experience the real effect and efficency of LeanMail in your inbox. You will go home […]

Monika Krarup

“This is a great tool!” I am actually working with my e-mails, not feeling that they are working against me. I am in control of my inbox and I do not waste time scrolling and searching anymore. In fact it has been very easy to get into this new habit of flagging and processing. Monika […]

Benny Strömberg

“Having an empty inbox gives me a sense of calm before the weekend.” I have worked with LeanMail for many years and my experience is that it helps me work more effectively. LeanMail’s method of categorizing and saving all important mails in one archive is far superior to using folders and makes searching for what […]