Linda Olesen

“LeanMail gives a much better overview of mails. It is easy to categorize and saves time by not having to push to folders.” Linda Olesen HR Officer Sanofi

Jesper Skov Andersen

“Preceding LeanMail, I didn’t have any structure in my inbox, now I can easily structure all of my emails everyday. It’s a perfect tool.” Jesper Skov Andersen Controller Sanofi

Jens-Peter David

“LeanMail is a great time saver and I am more in control of my tasks.” Jens-Peter David Medical Advisor Sanofi

Ilse Birkebæk

“LeanMail helps me get more organized – I have a better overview of my tasks.” Ilse Birkebæk Marketing Coordinator Genzyme Aps

Christina Winther Poulsen

“I now have a clear overview of my inbox with only the relevant mails for today’s tasks.” Christina Winther Poulsen Regulatory Affairs Manager Sanofi

Christina Oestrup Soerensen

“With Leanmail, I have less stress over emails and there are no more missing ones.” Christina Oestrup Soerensen ITS Consultant Sanofi

Eric H. Siegel

“Raising awareness about how poorly written documents could jeopardize the company…” The Good Documents Series was extremely well received by our employees. It really helped to raise awareness about how poorly written documents could jeopardize the company. Also, Salient was great to work with, allowing us to customize the modules to meet our specific needs. […]

Marianne Norup Nielsen

“There is no doubt that in the longer term using LeanMail will save time. “ LeanMail was introduced in Actavis first as a pilot project to a selected group of people. Based on their feed back and the absolutely fantastic eye opener these 2 + 2 hour lessons were; it is obvious to us that […]

Andreas Kischke

“LeanMail is great!” LeanMail keeps me on track of all activities I am involved in and makes it easy to plan for action. Andreas Kischke Sales & Marketing Coordinator ALK-Abelló

Antonio Pusole

“What would happen if it were used by more people in the company?” Most of my colleagues and I know the uncomfortable feeling: after a longer vacation you know you will have a huge amount of mails when you get back. Even when you are on business trips and can’t work in peace with mails […]

Karen Neumann

“It is great to manage e-mails and not be managed by them!” LeanMail structures the work and helps reduce stress. Karen Neumann Assistant Business Unit Primary Care ALK-Abelló

Kenneth Welm

“LeanMail is my reassurrance that I am attending to all the requests I get.” LeanMail is a great tool if you a) want to take control of your work flow and b) want to sleep at night knowing that you have all your ducks in a row. Who wouldn’t? LeanMail is my reassurrance that I […]