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What is Cc:Protection?

Cc: Protection is a solution to the problem of being overwhelmed by senders placing you in Cc:

The aim of Cc: Protection is to give the user control over several aspects of when and what you would like to be Cc:d on.

For example, you may want every email that your boss puts you in Cc: on, but that may not be the case for your overzealous marketing manager.

Cc: Protection allows you to set individualized parameters for senders and subjects.

Who is Cc:Protection for?

Anyone who wants to be able to have more control over what is sent to them in Cc:

Why do you need it?

Cc: Protection is solution that returns hundreds of hours back to each employee by providing them with essential tools for avoiding wasted time sifting through messages that have little or nothing to do with their job descriptions.

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Like Lego bricks

The beauty of the LeanMail solution is that you can mix and match or buy pre-made bundles of our software to match your exact needs.

The LeanMail Journey

Why beginning the LeanMail journey with Cc: Protection

If being placed in Cc: is one of the greatest email management challenges you have, this could be an excellent way to commence using the various solutions LeanMail offers.


Download one module, download them all

One of the best parts about our modular solution is the fact that when you download one part of the system, you actually download them all in one go.

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Features & Functionality

Automatically move Cc: mails to a folder

Automatically delete or archive mails from individual senders

Automatically delete or archive mails with certain subject lines

Apply color to Cc: mails in order to identify them quickly

Categorize threads of Cc: mails

Auto replies to various types of Cc: senders

Set time limits on all rules

Demonstration Video

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LeanMail Training

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Cc: email are auotmatically moved to a Cc: folder rather than being mixed in with mails you need to action.

Block all Cc: mails for periods of time

Block Cc: mails from certain senders

Block Cc mails with certain subject lines

Automatic messages to Cc: abusers

Automatic categorization of Cc: mails


All LeanMail solutions require Outlook 2010 or later as well as a connection to an Exchange Server or Office365.

While not required, it is highly recommended that users incorporate LeanMail InstantArchive and LeanMail Prioritize before integrating any other LeanMail or LeanOutlook Plan


Customer Support

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Support hours and conditions

USA: Mon – Fri : 03:00 AM –  1:00 PM EST
Europe: Mon – Fri : 09.00 – 19.00 EET


USA: +1 415 799 9660
Spain: +34 692 148 255
Denmark: +45 36 95 03 90

E-mail : info@leanmail.com

All LeanMail software modules have a 30-day trial period

Breaking down barriers to success



All LeanMail modules are designed to be extremely easy to use and with no need for a manual. You can mouse-over any feature to see tip-text that will remind you what functionality it has.



Each module is affordably priced at just €3 per month and bundled modules are even less expensive, so you get extreme efficiency for the price of a coffee.



Re-thinking and re-designing existing mainstream software products allows our customers to get the most out of what they are already using. We don’t compete with Outlook; instead, we customize it to you it to your needs.



Serving banks, pharmaceutical companies, law firms, IT suppliers, governments and many other security sensitive organizations for over 10 years, has helped us become robust in our awareness and practice of extraordinary attention to security and data protection. We are also GDPA compliant as required by the European Union. Here is a link to our privacy protection statement.

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