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What is LeanMail Duo and Shared Inbox?

LeanMail Duo allows you to share all the features of LeanMail with your assistant or boss, respectively.

LeanMail Shared Inbox allows teams to keep track of exactly who is doing what and when. Ensure that your A-customers are responded to first and allow your teams to monitor themselves without having someone to delegate emails. Our customers claim that they have an average time-savings of 70%.

Who is LeanMail Duo and Shared Inbox for?

LeanMail Duo is for executives with personal assistants or any two-person team.

LeanMail Shared Inbox is for teams that use a common inbox and are tired of all the confusion and lack of efficiency connected with working in a shared inbox environment.

Why do you need it?

During the past 25 years, there has not been any real attempt to bridge the challenge of working as a team in one particular inbox. Until now.

Most companies that use shared or common inboxes complain about not being able to collaborate efficiently:
– They don’t know if another person is attending to an email
– There is no way to ask questions of other teammates directly in the inbox regarding individual emails
– Assigning emails using categories eliminates the ability to use categories for other purposes
– Several people read the same emails over and over again, wasting precious time and resources
– Mails are forgotten or not answered on time

LeanMail Duo and Shared Inbox puts an end to those and many other problems.

The Leanmail Journey

Why beginning the LeanMail journey with LeanMail Duo or Shared Inbox training is a brilliant idea.

The main reason for beginning your journey with either of these solutions is because you will be able to delegate emails without having to forward them. Another excellent reason is that you will be able to communicate to each other what you are doing about any email and when you expect to reply to the sender or finish the task.

I am ready to improve my team work performance

Features & Functionality

Responsible column for assigning emails without forwarding them.

Automatically assign A+,A,B or C segmentation to incoming emails.

Filter emails according to specific needs for inbox managers and individual workers.

Communicate who’s doing what and when directly on each email.

Be alerted to emails that have not been transacted.

Reduce time spent on managing the shared inbox by 70% or more.

Have your assistant delete and prioritize and plan your emails.

Have your assistant delete and prioritize and plan your emails.

Demonstration Video

Working in a shared inbox can be a nightmare.

But it doesn’t have to be.


Duration: 3:16

LeanMail Training

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Responsible column

Automatically assign A+,A,B or C segmentation

Filter emails according to specific needs

Communicate who's doing what and when

Be alerted to emails that have not been transacted

Reduce time managing

Collaborate with your assistant


All LeanMail solutions require Outlook 2010 or later as well as a connection to an Exchange Server or Office365.

While not required, it is highly recommended that users incorporate LeanMail InstantArchive and LeanMail Prioritize before integrating any other LeanMail or LeanOutlook Plan


Customer Support

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Support hours and conditions

USA: Mon – Fri : 03:00 AM –  1:00 PM EST
Europe: Mon – Fri : 09.00 – 19.00 EET


USA: +1 415 799 9660
Spain: +34 692 148 255
Denmark: +45 36 95 03 90

E-mail : info@leanmail.com

All LeanMail software modules have a 30-day trial period

Breaking down barriers to success



All LeanMail modules are designed to be extremely easy to use and with no need for a manual. You can mouse-over any feature to see tip-text that will remind you what functionality it has.



Each module is affordably priced at just €3 per month and bundled modules are even less expensive, so you get extreme efficiency for the price of a coffee.



Re-thinking and re-designing existing mainstream software products allows our customers to get the most out of what they are already using. We don’t compete with Outlook; instead, we customize it to you it to your needs.



Serving banks, pharmaceutical companies, law firms, IT suppliers, governments and many other security sensitive organizations for over 10 years, has helped us become robust in our awareness and practice of extraordinary attention to security and data protection. We are also GDPA compliant as required by the European Union. Here is a link to our privacy protection statement.

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