LeanMail Package by Meetr

Analyzing your emails objectively
Meetr has developed a unique approach in order to provide an objective analysis for you or your company.  
Features & Functionality

 Quick one-time data sync

A simple 3 step data sync process and you are ready to go!


Specific actions items

Easy to understand recommendations and actions to implement change


Training and learning

Onboarding guide and communication expert assistance


Clear, objective and informative insights

Based on selected analyses, other custom choices and unique organizational data


 Create your custom report

  • Choose from a wide selection of curated analyses categories. 
  • Flexible timeframes and retroactive outlook (6 to 24 months)
  • Specific organizational unit (R&D, Sales, etc) or the entire organization. 
  • Analyze between LeanMail users VS non-LeanMail users or ask for custom segmentation.

What is LeanMail Analysis?

LeanMail analysis is a simple, easy to read report that will analyze and summarize your organization’s email communication habits and provide suggestions and action items accordingly.

Compare different areas and segments in the organization such as LeanMail users VS non-LeanMail users or different teams to pin-point effective and harmful habits.

Analyze retroactively or monitor over long time periods in order to get clarity on change impacts, maximize potential and understand the ideal track to drive positive change.

The report provides all the information you need in order to  make your email communication better, reduce wasted time and increase productivity.

Who is LeanMail Email Analysis For?

LeanMail Email Analysis is designed for VPs, managers and decision makers who want to improve their Organization’s communication habits and management practices. 

Analysis categories include: 

  • Time preferences of email communication
  • Distribution of communication volumes
  • Responsiveness levels of units
Current Challenges

Benefits for the individual (Manager/VP/Decision Maker)

  • Quick and simple report to read and understand
  • Can be focused on your organizational unit
  • Get an innovative tool and another data stream for increased decision making capability

Benefits to the organization:

  • Implement and adopt innovation 
  • Identify issues with a glance across your organization 
  • Drive change using simple action items 
  • Objective, informative insights 
  • No continuance integration 
  • Baseline for implementing change to affect productitvity, efficiency and employee experience 
Current challenges associated with email communication

Email communication is by far the most used method of communication in today’s world. Over 300 Billion emails per day are sent/received and this number is only increasing year after year. You can send an email from every PC, phone, tablet or any other device at any time in the day to anyone in the world without boundaries.

However, because of that “too easy no borders” type of communication there are many issues that might arise in organizations that directly affect the business, employees and managers.

Information overload, Reduced decision making capability and Knowledge gaps are only a few of the issues that a modern worker might experience due to poor communication processes in the organization.

And it hurts! It is estimated that an organization will lose approximately between 10K$-20K$ per employee per year only on lost productivity and will suffer from an increase of 33%-40% in employee turnover due to poor communication processes in the organization.

These issues can cause not only reduced productivity or reduced employee experience (which lead to higher employee turnover) but can also affect customers retention and the quality of the service/product you provide.