Leanmail PlansBoost your productivity with a better email management

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  • InstantArchiving

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  • Fastest way to archive and find mail.
  • You want the ultimate archiving solution for email.
  • No need for universal search, find mails in several places instead of searching folders
  • InstantArchive button bolted on to Outlook. Seemless integration. Uses Outlook categories
  • 30 Days
  • Inbox480

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  • Separates non-essential from essential mail.
  • You receive 30+ mails per day and want to separate the non-essential from the essential automatically.
  • Allows users to focus on what is essential while still having the opportunity to view non-essential mails later on.
  • ReadingRack puts all your subscriptions in one place. Automatically delete non-essential mails over time.
  • 30 Days
  • Cc: Protection

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  • Cc: lifesaver! You decide which Cc: mails you read and when.
  • You receive a lot of Cc: mails per day and want an effective way of dealing with Cc: mail.
  • Avoid wasting time on non-essential mails where you are not responsible for taking action. Snooze threads and organize better.
  • Automatically file or delete Cc: mails over time.
  • 30 Days
  • DelayedDelete

  • Free

  • Delete mails without worries.
  • You dislike deleting anything because you're afraid that you might need it later.
  • Delete mails without actually deleting them. Have an extra buffer between delete and REALLY delete. Choose how many days, weeks or months you like before the mail is actually deleted.
  • Automatically delete for good mails that you have temporarily deleted using DelayedDelete.
  • Free forever
  • LeanMail Mobile

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  • Do everything LeanMail does on your iPhone.
  • You often manage email on my smartphone.
  • See exactly what you need to do today in priority order. See what needs doing tomorrow and all other days in the future. Never miss or be late with an email again.
  • Along with all the other native features, prioritize, plan, archive, set an alarm, categorized, set an activity, call the sender.
  • 30 Days

This is really one of the best “gifts” I have been given in my time at DHL.

Anders Ullerup, Manager DHL Express

…It has personally helped me reduce my email management time by 50%…

George Trachilis, Founder Lean Leadership Institute & Publisher

…All in all I have reduced my to-do “processing time” by more than 50%, and am still improving and gaining more and more.

Gert Hansen, Site & Security Manager Group Security Specialist, Strålfors A/S