Dinesh Gopalswamy

“Using LeanMail, email tracking becomes significantly easier for the user.” Using LeanMail, email tracking becomes significantly easier for the user. Dinesh Gopalswamy Deputy chief designer LSmidth

Selvakumar Mookkaiah

“I think that LeanMail helps with responsibility and prioritization”  The completion set-up is helpful. Selvakumar Mookkaiah Mechanical Engineer FLSmidth

Sreekala Sreejith

“LeanMail is useful to prioritize tasks. It gives me confidence that I didn’t leave anything important.” Sreekala Sreejith Associate CSD FLSmith A/S

Sridhar Rajamani

“LeanMail helps archive important daily mails.” Sridhar Rajamani FLSmith A/S

Vaideeswaran Jayaraman

“A time effective mailing system to organize and plan our day-to-day tasks without a slip.” Vaideeswaran Jayaraman Head of Department FLSmith A/S

Erdem Esedoglu

“LeanMail definitely decreases the time I spend on emails.” It provides a better archiving method compared to normal processes, and you feel much more comfortable leaving the office without any pending mails. Believe it or not, you are going to experience the real effect and efficency of LeanMail in your inbox. You will go home […]