Monika Krarup

“This is a great tool!” I am actually working with my e-mails, not feeling that they are working against me. I am in control of my inbox and I do not waste time scrolling and searching anymore. In fact it has been very easy to get into this new habit of flagging and processing. Monika […]

Remco Bitter

“I like its simplicity and visual aspects…” As a lean leader I am always looking for ways to improve processes, including my own. When Atrendia approached me with their “lean” e-mail management I was of course challenged to test if their tool would actually bring me any benefit at all. I was pleasantly surprised: not […]

Benny Strömberg

“Having an empty inbox gives me a sense of calm before the weekend.” I have worked with LeanMail for many years and my experience is that it helps me work more effectively. LeanMail’s method of categorizing and saving all important mails in one archive is far superior to using folders and makes searching for what […]

Esen Karaman

“This is what makes them such a distinguished training organization:” I am really enjoying the benefit of prioritizing and planning my emails in a very short time and starting the day with a clean inbox. Atrendia provides every opportunity to form this habit before the training ends. This is what makes them such a distinguished […]

Jannie Jacobsen

“LeanMail – How did I ever manage to live without it?” When attending the LeanMail course, I honestly must say I approached it with a bit of doubt. I had my own structured way of managing emails… and it worked!… well… or so I thought! I never thought I could improve. So…What could Atrendia teach […]