Remco Bitter

“I like its simplicity and visual aspects…” As a lean leader I am always looking for ways to improve processes, including my own. When Atrendia approached me with their “lean” e-mail management I was of course challenged to test if their tool would actually bring me any benefit at all. I was pleasantly surprised: not […]

Esen Karaman

“This is what makes them such a distinguished training organization:” I am really enjoying the benefit of prioritizing and planning my emails in a very short time and starting the day with a clean inbox. Atrendia provides every opportunity to form this habit before the training ends. This is what makes them such a distinguished […]

Jannie Jacobsen

“LeanMail – How did I ever manage to live without it?” When attending the LeanMail course, I honestly must say I approached it with a bit of doubt. I had my own structured way of managing emails… and it worked!… well… or so I thought! I never thought I could improve. So…What could Atrendia teach […]