Eric Rodriguez

“LeanMail excels at time management and prioritizing emails.” LeanMail excels at time management and prioritizing emails. Eric Rodriguez Sr. Data Analyst Entrust Solutions Group

Rodrigo Larrea

“I like the simplified ordering of tasks”  I save time organizing my day. Rodrigo Larrea Regional Sales Director Healthcare Sodexo

Margarita Angel

“It allows me to prioritize the emails I receive by importance”  I appreciate this organization. Margarita Angel Business Segment Director Sodexo

Preston Davis

“I am dealing with email more efficiently”   I am now more organized on projects and have less email clutter in my Inbox. Preston Davis Regional Vice President Aramark K12

Mike Mesenbrink

“I love that you only have to look at your email once”   It is saving time allowing to to focus on my work. Mike Mesenbrink Director of Strategic Partnerships Aramark

Joel Hernandez

“I love that it combines email with prioritization and to-do schedules”   I am now able to stay more organized and use my time efficiently. Joel Hernandez Mid-Atlantic Hospitality Enablement Manager Aramark

Arnold Alonzo

“Mailbox is more organized”   The advantage of LeanMail is the organization of the mailbox. Arnold Alonzo IT Specialist Entrust

Martin Oudman

“Mailbox empty end of the day gives good feeling”  Leanmail helps me to prioritize my work and never to miss an important mail! Thanks! Martin Oudman Owner/Senior Advisor Leanspire

Lisa Ringelestein

“I love having a clean email box”  What I like the most about LeanMail is that I can archive and project folders, as well as I can do a list. This helps me to have a clean email box. Lisa Ringelestein Vice President, Strategic Development Aramark Corporation

Brandon Blake

“It really forces me to be organized”  LeanMail forces me to commit to getting a certain task done on time, as well as to be organized. Brandon Blake Client Relationship Manager Entrust

Keshia Davis

“I do like the process for prioritization to help me think clearer about the tasks that I need to tackle.”  There’s a great feeling of accomplishment in knowing that the inbox is close to empty. Keshia Davis Growth Enablement Project Manager Aramark Corporation

Preston Davis

“I am dealing with email more efficiently” I am dealing with email more efficiently. More organized on projects, and less email clutter in my Inbox. Preston Davis Vice President Strategic Development Aramark