Sven Knudsen

“I have reduced stress levels”   I like the better overview of email TODOs. Sven Knudsen Head of NOBA ITS BP Sanofi

Rasmus Villemoes

“I have reduced stress levels”   I like the better overview of email TODOs. Rasmus Villemoes General Manager Sanofi

Sasha Tomin

“Efficient way to prioritize and organize your mailflow”  Getting day-to day structure in a logical way and ease of archiving by topic, customer, supplier or what ever you wish. Sasha Tomin Area sales manager Alsiano

Rasmus Kjærgaard Nielsen

“I like keeping an overview of my inbox”  It helps me to prioritize my to do-list. Jacob Larsen Tax Manager Baker Tily

Jacob Larsen

“It is great to get an overview of the inbox”  This makes my tasks more clear. Jacob Larsen NOBa Reporting Center & System Expert Sanofi

Iago Cordal

“It helps you organize emails as if they were tasks with actions and deadlines, although it is also possible to organize in project folders”  It helps you focusing on classifying emails quickly rather than re-reading mails many times. Iago Cordal Digital Business Analysis Lead Sanofi

Katrine Bjerrum

“The overview over my mailbox makes it easy to prioritize”  This organization is more easy to manage. Katrine Bjerrum Business Project Manager Allianceplus A/S

Margarita Angel

“It allows me to prioritize the emails I receive by importance”  I appreciate this organization. Margarita Angel Business Segment Director Sodexo

Lena Molin

“I save a lot of time with prioritizing and planning”  Next actions are more clear with this better overview. Lena Molin Area Sales Manager Alsiano

Josh Eyestone

“LeanMail helps me keep track of important tasks”  It ensures that I do not miss deadlines. Gudmundur Borgar Ingolfsson Attorney & Marketing Director Heard and Smith

Gudmundur Borgar Ingolfsson

“This has supported me in great to keep my mails organized and expecially when I decide to take action on specific mail”  LeanMail has given me new way of working with emails. Gudmundur Borgar Ingolfsson Product Expert FLSmidth

Joakim Majava

“It is a great tool to organize and plan your daily business”  When leaving a workday I feel more at ease and satisfied knowing my planning is rigid and I don´t have to worry that I miss anything. Joakim Majava VD/CEO Trident Industri AB