Welcome to the future of email management in Microsoft OutlookPrioritize and plan emails to work as productively as humanly possible

Imagine having a personal assistant that separates the essential from the non-essential email, then prioritizes and plans your mails – so that whenever you’re in your inbox you’re always working according to your priorities: urgent matters are always handled before matters that can wait.

And today, you can do all your prioritizing and planning on your PC or just using your thumb on any iPhone V or later. Come back to the office get to work on what’s most important without having to re-read, re-decide, or clean out your inbox, since Inbox480 has done most of that work anyway.  There is a reason why LeanMail is the favorite solution for Fortune 500 Companies.

Prioritize like Pareto

Leverage the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) in your inbox.

Plan for success

You can schedule your actions and plan ahead.

Archive like lightning

File and find in no time.

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Control like a hawk

Nothing will get by you.

Choose the right LeanMail training for youLeanMail Suite

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Choose group training for organizations if you are responsible for ensuring that your teams are well equipped and trained to manage their inboxes.

This is for individuals who want to find a much better way of managing their inbox in a group setting (maximum 8 persons).

Personal training in LeanMail is for you if you value personal service and desire a customized experience with an expert.

LeanMail Individual solutionsIndividual components start at just €3 per month


Instantly archive and find mail.

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Separates non-essential from essential mail.

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Separates non-essential from essential mail.

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Delete mails without worries.

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LeanMail Mobile

All the LeanMail Outlook features on your iPhone

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Watch How LeanMail Works

CEO of Atrendia (The consultancy that developed LeanMail), Michael Hoffman, explains the LeanMail concept in this three-minute video.