First Time Buyer FAQs

What is LeanMail?

LeanMail is a group of customizable solutions for managing email that combines best in-class practices with proprietary add-ins that seamlessly bolt onto Microsoft Outlook.

Each LeanMail solution, or module, is independent from the other, but can be combined to satisfy your specific email management needs.

Among the challenges that LeanMail solves are: high volume, prioritization, planning, keeping track, filing and finding, and shared inboxes.


How does LeanMail work?

LeanMail follows a two-step process of first sorting your mails by priority before taking action on the ones you can and planning the rest.

LeanMail has an array of tools that filter, automate, and create work-flows that grease the wheel of execution. There’s no dragging and dropping into different folders and then trying to keep track of it all. Instead LeanMail uses a Kanban or pull system to ensure you’re efficiently doing the most work possible without overburdening you, causing stress.

Because we all work differently, LeanMail has several components called modules that can be used separately or in combination.

While the LeanMail software can be purchased without training, it rarely is because the training is an important part of the solution.

Most of the training centers upon building the new habit. As a matter of fact, learning the basic functionality of LeanMail only takes a few minutes. Learning the functionality of a piano, just a few seconds! But as we all know, no one becomes a virtuoso without a lot of practice and a great teacher.

Do you have a trial version of LeanMail?

We have a 30-day free trial of all our LeanMail components.

What does LeanMail cost?

Our software retails for between €3 and €9 per month per user. Licenses are paid annually and renewed automatically if we do not receive notification within 60 days of the new license period.

Training costs vary greatly. Contact us for more information.

How can I know which solution is best for me?

The quickest way to find out what your current needs are is to take this survey.

After you take the survey, we will send you a report recommending the solutions best for your needs.

Why are there different components instead of one software?

Having several components allows greater flexibility to choose a solution that best fits each individual’s needs. For some, LeanMail InstantArchive may be enough. The LeanMail Suite is our most sold solution.

Where can I get more information about LeanMail?

Contact us at: info@leanmail.com

or call
In Europe:
+34 696 259 660
+45 3695 0390

In the US
+1 415 799 9660

In the Pacific
+61 (0)413 830 772

Instructions to request a LeanMail activation key
Does LeanMail work with Office 365?

Yes, with the desktop version, but it does not work with the browser version because Microsoft has not made the appropriate technology available yet.

Will LeanMail work on my mobile phone/tablet?

LeanMail currently provides a free app for iPhone V or higher. Search for “LeanMail” in your iPhone app store.

Do you have LeanMail for Mac?

No. Instead, we train our method without software. While not as efficient as our software-based training, it is still better than any other method..

Is LeanMail software safe?

Over 200 companies including Fortune 500 Companies use our software.

The software itself does not store any information about you, your emails or anything else.  All the information is stored on your Exchange Server, so there is no risk of losing or dispersing information.

How does the LeanMail installation process work?
  1. Download the LeanMail software
  2. Close Outlook if it is in use.
  3. Install the software.
  4. Open Outlook.

Here are all the support videos

You will need to make sure that your antivirus software is turned off in the process.

What companies are using LeanMail, and what has been their experience?
Why would LeanMail be a good fit for my company?

That’s the question we need to consider when we start our dialogue. The most important reason is usually because your employees spend a huge portion of their day managing email without abiding by a best practice. Why not start with the best?

LeanMail is employed in over 200 companies on five continents.

99.1% of all the people we have introduced LeanMail to say that they love the method. 86.4% stick to it.

What are the main benefits of LeanMail for my organization?

There are an enormous number of benefits for your organization, but we’ll just list the top 10 here:

  1. Eliminate wasted time in the area where employees spend a great deal of time.
  2. Greatly reduce stress and therefore reduced absenteeism.
  3. Eliminate late and lost emails.
  4. Enable employees to have a dashboard view of their emails, giving them a contextual way of perceiving their workload.
  5. Employees work by priority rather than first in last out.
  6. Emails are answered according to priority and urgency in order to maximize output.
  7. The reduced time spent on email will free up time for sales, customer service and other core work.
  8. Less multi-tasking since LeanMail enables employees to batch their work.
  9. A standard work practice for email is established and, most importantly, maintained.
  10. Standardized archiving procedures are also part of LeanMail.
Is it simple to add new LeanMail licenses?

As simple as giving us a name and an email address.

Can’t you configure Outlook to do most of the things that the LeanMail add-in can?
This is actually a pretty loaded question because it makes three assumptions:  1) the LeanMail method is all about the LeanMail add-in 2) it is possible to come close to the configuration that we have devised in the LeanMail add-in (throughout the course of six years and thousands of man-hours of customer interviews, design and programming) and 3) that if you could somehow configure Outlook similarly to how we have adapted it with the LeanMail tool you could blissfully sail through the management of your emails and suddenly develop all the good habits that would enable you to miraculously change your ways.

Unfortunately, many IT managers ask this question with more than a bit of skepticism regarding the uniqueness of the LeanMail add-in.  Our response is:  show us how you did it, and then show us the results of your training after three months and we’ll compare your numbers with our numbers.  Never once has anyone come back to us because they very quickly see that just because they can paint it red, put in a big engine and some fat tires, it will never be a Ferrari  – and worse, no one will want to drive their creation so they can forget about scaling it throughout the organization.

Without getting into too much detail, there are a few things that you certainly can do by configuring Outlook.  You can devise all sorts of rules and have people drag emails to tasks and all kinds of folders. (LeanMail eliminates almost all folders)  There are countless books that cover this.  Then there are plenty of competitors to LeanMail like www.clearcontext.com , www.gtd.com , http://www.franklincovey.com/tc/software-and-applications/ and many others.  They all claim to do the same thing that LeanMail does: give you control over your inbox.

But it is very easy to see that we got a few things right that none of the others did:

  1. The LeanMail method is not tool based.  The tool was created to facilitate the habit.  That becomes abundantly clear from the first training.
  2. The LeanMail method is comprised of two steps.  Just take a look at the complexity of all the others.  You’ll want to pull your hair out every time you have to process an email.
  3. It’s very easy to re-mount the horse if you fall off LeanMail for a few days.  The other methods are so complex that you’ll have to look up things in the manual.  We have one but no one ever uses it unless they want to learn more about our philosophy – which is awesome.
  4. Look at the testimonials from our clients.  It says it all – and many have tried the other methods.
How can I edit a note I have created in Outlook with LeanMail?

To correct a note, drag and drop the email from the LeanMail Archive to the Inbox.  Change the note, then click on the InstantArchive button.

How can I see the subject in my Today view?

The reason we remove the subject line from the Today view by default is because you shouldn’t need it if your Next Actions are written correctly.

The main benefit of Next Actions is to enable you to quickly identify what you need to do next in order to progress with that particular email.  Having the information you need concentrated into two to four words (generally) in one field allows you to scan your email task list much more rapidly than combining information from two fields.

A common argument is that a lot of information you need for the Next Action is already in the subject line.  Our counter argument is:  Yes, sometimes it’s in the subject line, but quite often it is not.  Ambiguity is what kills systems.  By being able to always rely on Next Actions, you protect your system.

Subject lines, since they are often created by someone else, can be confusing especially if the thread has veered from the original discussion.  Next Actions, however, can always be relied upon.

While we recommend improving your Next Actions instead of opting to have the subject line in your Today view, there is a way to get it back:

1. Click on the LeanMail Options dropdown in the toolbar.

2. Choose Options.

3. Click in the box ‘Show Received and Subject in Today view’


What do we do when the LeanMail add-in has disappeared from Outlook?

Sometimes Microsoft updates and Anti-virus software deactivates the LeanMail add-in.  Luckily it’s easy to fix:

Do you offer training in writing better emails?

We offer a 1-hour eLearning program called Email Excellence. Our customers receive a discount on this course.

How is LeanMail implemented?

The most successful way of implementing LeanMail is by carrying out a needs investigation followed by a pilot and then rolling it out to the parts of the organization that will benefit.

Can LeanMail work with Lotus Notes or Gmail?


What is the best way to start with LeanMail?

There are three excellent ways to start:

  1. If your organization has 50 or more employees, we always suggest investigating what is working and what is not before beginning your journey. This way you can close the gap with the least amount of resources.

2.  If an initial investigation is not possible, you can do a technical pilot of up to 8 persons first.

3.  You can start with just one module; LeanMail InstantArchive, to test the waters. Even though InstantArchive is just a small part of LeanMail, instantly filing              and finding mail will give your organization a good indication of the power of LeanMail in no time at all.

What if I decide that I don’t like LeanMail? Can I go back to my old way without much trouble?

Going back to your old way would require you to uninstall the software and change a view in your settings. That’s it.

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