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Where can I get more information about LeanMail?

Contact us at: info@leanmail.com

or call
In Europe:
+34 696 259 660
+45 3695 0390

In the US
+1 415 799 9660

In the Pacific
+61 (0)413 830 772

Instructions to request a LeanMail activation key
Is LeanMail software safe?

Over 200 companies including Fortune 500 Companies use our software.

The software itself does not store any information about you, your emails or anything else.  All the information is stored on your Exchange Server, so there is no risk of losing or dispersing information.

Windows Defender SmartScreen is blocking the installation. Is your program safe?

Yes, absolutely. Whenever we make a new upgrade and create a new build to distribute to our users, Windows may temporarily block the installation because the file is new and Windows doesn’t have enough information to guarantee its safety. It can take a few weeks for Windows to remove this warning. Luckily, you can accept the downloaded file:

How do I know which LeanMail version I have?
  1. Click on the LeanMail Options drop-down in the LeanMail Toolbar
  2. Choose Options
  3. Find Version nr. at the top of the dialog box


Where are my emails? I can’t find them in the LeanMail Archive when I archive them.

If you find that emails are disappearing when you click on the LeanMail InstantArchive button, it’s probably because they are going to a new LeanMail Archive folder which was created because LeanMail couldn’t find your old folder.  This could be because you deleted it, moved it to another folder group, etc.

First, we should locate where your emails are going by creating a test email and archiving it using the LeanMail InstantArchive button.  You will have to search your folder tree to find any folders called LeanMail Archive.  One will be the old folder and one will be the new one.  Once you locate the old one, move the contents of the folder to the new one and delete it.  Now drag the new one to the favorites to have a virtual copy there.

How can I edit a note I have created in Outlook with LeanMail?

To correct a note, drag and drop the email from the LeanMail Archive to the Inbox.  Change the note, then click on the InstantArchive button.

What do we do when the LeanMail add-in has disappeared from Outlook?

Sometimes Microsoft updates and Anti-virus software deactivates the LeanMail add-in.  Luckily it’s easy to fix:

How can I change a batch of emails to a different category?

Just go to the category list and change each of the categories to the one you want to use.  All the categories on all the emails will then be converted to the desired one.

How to set up quick-key for archiving using the keyboard only?





How can I get LeanMail to automatically categorize emails by sender?

Select one email from the sender that you want to automatically categorize.

Click on the InstantArchive dropdown and choose Archive and assign category to sender.

How can I get LeanMail to automatically categorize threads?

Go to LeanMail options and click the option “Enable categorization of threads”

How can I unassign emails from a certain sender to be automatically assigned to a certain category?

You can delete any presetting going into File/Rules and Alerts.

In the Rules and Alerts menu just unmark the rule you don’t want and click OK.

How do you turn off the request for a note when archiving?

To turn off the notes you have to go to LeanMail options/options

Then uncheck the option “Require note when archiving” as show in the picture below.

Can I delete a category from my categories list?

Yes, and you should weed out categories you do not use anymore.

Open the Master category list.

Select the category you want to delete (not the check-box), click on Delete.

The category will be deleted from the list, but not from any of the items.



What is the best way of searching emails with more than one category in the LeanMail Archive and Master Archive?

An email that has more than one category will virtually appear in all the categories that you have added to it.  I.e. if you give a mail the categories: Bank, Finances and First National Bank, you can find the mail under all three categories.  If you delete the mail, it will be deleted from all three categories as well.  It is simply duplicated under the different categories.  That’s why there are more emails in your LeanMail Archive if you sort by category than if you sort any other way.

How to search for emails using universal search in Outlook?


Why are there two LeanMail Archives?


LeanMail provides two folders for archiving:  The LeanMail Archive and the LeanMail Master Archive.

The LeanMail archive is where emails are moved to once the InstantArchive button is clicked on.  Before it moves to the archive, one or more categories is added, and, optionally, a note is added if there is no Next Action on the email being archived.

In order to reduce the number of emails one has to look through in order to search out a particular email, we physically move “Older” emails (older than last month) to the LeanMail Master Archive.

By working this way, the LeanMail Archive has the approximately 5% of your emails you need 95% of the time and the LeanMail Master Archive has 95% of your emails that you are searching for 5% of the time.

Important note:  You can break some functionality by moving the LeanMail Archive.  If you do, it is possible that LeanMail will not find it and thus replace it with a new LeanMail Archive and begin moving emails to the new LeanMail Archive perhaps called LeanMail Archive1.

You may, however, move the LeanMail Master Archive wherever you like.  Some organizations like to put it in a .pst file, though with the larger amount of space being allocated these days, the use of .pst’s is falling out of favor.  If you move the LeanMail Master Archive, be sure to right-click on the folder and choose “add to favorites” or drag it up to the favorites section for quick access.

What happens if I stop using LeanMail?

All the mails in your LeanMail Archive and LeanMail Master Archive will remain there and they will keep their categories.  If you wish to return to the heirarchical folder system, you can simply sort your emails by category (default) and drag and drop your emails into folders.

Regarding the emails in your inbox, just click on the View tab/Change view/Compact and you will see your emails as they were before the training.

If you have Project Folders, they will remain under your root folder.

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