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LeanMail Prioritize FAQs

Where can I get more information about LeanMail?

Contact us at: info@leanmail.com

or call
In Europe:
+34 696 259 660
+45 3695 0390

In the US
+1 415 799 9660

In the Pacific
+61 (0)413 830 772

Instructions to request a LeanMail activation key
Is LeanMail software safe?

Over 200 companies including Fortune 500 Companies use our software.

The software itself does not store any information about you, your emails or anything else.  All the information is stored on your Exchange Server, so there is no risk of losing or dispersing information.

Windows Defender SmartScreen is blocking the installation. Is your program safe?

Yes, absolutely. Whenever we make a new upgrade and create a new build to distribute to our users, Windows may temporarily block the installation because the file is new and Windows doesn’t have enough information to guarantee its safety. It can take a few weeks for Windows to remove this warning. Luckily, you can accept the downloaded file:

What do we do when the LeanMail add-in has disappeared from Outlook?

Sometimes Microsoft updates and Anti-virus software deactivates the LeanMail add-in.  Luckily it’s easy to fix:

My LeanMail toolbar has changed. The buttons have collapsed into one big button.

The reason is that you have too many objects in your ribbon.  We suggest removing ‘Get insights’ and  ‘Get add-ins’

To do this, right-click on your ribbon and choose “customize the ribbon”.

In the dialog box (see below), find the objects you want to remove, then click OK.  Once you have removed enough objects, you will see your toolbar in the usual way.

Where can I find the emails marked as Personal with LeanMail?

The Plan and Today views have three levels: High, Normal and Personal.  You will find your personal mails in the third, Personal level (at the bottom of the list).

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