Total Control Over Outlook.
For every type of user and every personality type.

Five easy, customizable solutions that give you all the control over your inbox that you want.

LeanMail InstantArchive

Instantly file and find emails

Find the email you are looking for immediately instead of poking around in lots of folders or plodding through universal search.

LeanMail InstantArchive uses one “smart” folder in combination with meta-tagging to make filing and finding email a snap.


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LeanMail Prioritize

Get the most important things done — not the latest things.

There are five compelling reasons for prioritizing email according to the Pareto Principle or 80/20 rule:

  1. Never miss or be late with important emails
  2. Increase sales and offer better customer service
  3. Remove waste and clutter
  4. Get a clear overview of what is going on 
  5. Reduce stress

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LeanMail Plan

A personal assistant for your inbox

Turn Outlook into a multi-functional task list that ensures you are constantly on top of your game.

LeanMail Plan puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you the controls to customize Outlook so that you can easily take notes and add deadlines to emails directly in your inbox.  


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LeanMail Shared Inbox

End the confusion and increase customer trust

LeanMail ShareInbox allows teams to keep track of exactly who is doing what and when. Ensure that your “A” customers are responded to first, and allow your teams to monitor themselves with or without a manager and with an average time-savings of 70%

Seemlessly bolts on to Outlook

No nonsense, time tested solution

LeanMail Inbox480

Essential email in your inbox. Non-essential mail in Inbox480.

Automatically separate the non-essential email from the the essential mail.

Rather than relying on risk-prone algorithms, i.e. Focus, Inbox480 uses a practical bullet-proof solution that will bring back hours of previously wasted time.


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