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Overwhelmed by your inbox? Struggling to keep track of important emails?
Or maybe you’re good at managing your emails but want to go from good to great.

LeanMail is here to revolutionize the way you manage your emails with our suite of innovative solutions. Join our exclusive demo to discover how LeanMail can streamline your email management, boost productivity, and reduce stress.

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Instantly file and find emails

LeanMail InstantArchive

Find the email you are looking for immediately instead of poking around in lots of folders or plodding through universal search.

LeanMail InstantArchive uses one “smart” folder in combination with meta-tagging to make filing and finding email a snap.


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Get the most important things done— not the latest things.

LeanMail Prioritize

There are five compelling reasons for prioritizing email according to the Pareto Principle or 80/20 rule:

  1. Never miss or be late with important emails
  2. Increase sales and offer better customer service
  3. Remove waste and clutter
  4. Get a clear overview of what is going on 
  5. Reduce stress

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A personal assistant for your inbox

LeanMail Plan

Turn Outlook into a multi-functional task list that ensures you are constantly on top of your game.

LeanMail Plan puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you the controls to customize Outlook so that you can easily take notes and add deadlines to emails directly in your inbox.  


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End the confusion in your shared inbox

LeanMail Shared Inbox

LeanMail Shared Inbox allows teams to keep track of exactly who is doing what and when. Ensure that your “A” customers are responded to first, and allow your teams to monitor themselves with or without a manager and with an average time-savings of 70%

Seemlessly bolts on to Outlook

No nonsense, time-tested solution

LeanMail never touches your data, so there are no cyber security concerns

Essential email in your inbox. Non-essential mail in Inbox480.

LeanMail Inbox480

Automatically separate the non-essential email from the the essential mail.

Rather than relying on risk-prone algorithms, i.e. Focus, Inbox480 uses a practical bullet-proof solution that will bring back hours of previously wasted time.


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Total Control Over Outlook.
For every type of user and every personality type.

Five easy, customizable solutions that give you all the control over your inbox that you want.

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Email matters.

It is still your most important communication tool.

Have full control of Outlook today.

Get better organized, never miss important emails, and find the emails you need.

In this interactive workshop, you will…

  1. Understand why MS Outlook, in its current configuration, is so difficult to keep control over
  2. Learn why these problems will not be resolved by Microsoft
  3. Get insights into what you need to turn the tables and get full control over your inbox
  4. Be able to ask questions, not just at the end, but along the way because of our limit 8 persons per workshop

45 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A

Price: $95 USD per participant


Microsoft Outlook’s current configuration lacks important functionality for productivity, making it challenging to manage. Simply tweaking Outlook or working smarter is not enough to unlock its full potential. To overcome these shortcomings, users need to adopt an effective email management system, including utilizing productivity features, organizing emails into folders, prioritizing tasks, and regularly archiving old messages. By doing so, users can increase their productivity and efficiently manage their information in Outlook.

Don’t wait

Email management in Microsoft Outlook has remained largely unchanged for the past 30 years. Rather than waiting for Microsoft to redesign Outlook, users can take control over their email by customizing the application to suit their individual needs. By doing so, users can effectively manage their work and increase productivity. With the ability to make customizations to Outlook, users can take the reins and create a personalized email management system that meets their unique requirements.

What to do

Join our free introductory workshop and learn how to take control over your inbox in just minutes. Get valuable insights into what you need to do to manage your email more efficiently and increase your productivity. Plus, by attending, you’ll have a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Barcelona! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take charge of your inbox and possibly win an exciting trip.

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What is LeanMail?

LeanMail is an innovative methodology that integrates the principles of Lean Six-Sigma with the practical advice of David Allen, author of the New York Times bestseller “Getting Things Done.” By providing a set of customizable tools that integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, LeanMail enables you to work according to Lean principles and get things done more efficiently.

At its core, LeanMail is a toolbox of customizable and interchangeable tools that provide the functionality needed to work according to your priorities and urgencies. By filling the gaps in Outlook’s default features, LeanMail allows you to work more fluidly and achieve greater productivity. Whether you need to streamline your email workflow, manage your calendar more effectively, or prioritize your tasks, LeanMail provides the missing functionality that prevents us from working at our best.

With LeanMail, you can enjoy greater control over your workday and achieve more in less time. By incorporating Lean principles and best practices, LeanMail helps you to optimize your workflow and work more efficiently, so you can focus on what matters most. Whether you are an individual or part of a team, LeanMail can help you to improve your productivity, reduce stress, and achieve better results.