LeanMail Plan

Get in control of your day using notes and due dates in Outlook — without leaving your inbox.
LeanMail Plan is a plugin for Outlook enables you to plan emails with notes and deadlines.  The task list feature eliminates the need to drag and drop to your Task or Calendar section or makes a separate to-do list. Plan emails with notes and get in control of your day!
  • Quick and simple report to read and understand
  • Can be focused on your organizational unit
  • Get an innovative tool and another data stream for increased decision making capability
LeanMail Plan Features & Functionality
Note taking

Take notes directly on emails in your inbox.

Task conversion

Emails are automatically converted into tasks without moving or clicking on them.

Daily checklist

See what needs planning, what is due today, and All due dates.


Pre-formulated, customizable emails for rapid responses.

Insert Calendar

Insert your availability directly into an email with the click of a button.

Due dates

A highly intuitive method sets due dates on tasks by just entering your thoughts.

What is
Leanmail Plan?

LeanMail Plan allows you to Plan emails with notes and affix deadlines to emails directly in your inbox, giving you an overview of your mails according to urgency.

LeanMail Plan is just one of several LeanMail Outlook plugins that can be combined or used separately in order to take your email experience to the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Who is LeanMail Plan For?

LeanMail Plan is for any Microsoft Outlook user that wants to ensure that mails are never forgotten or answered too late, and who want a clear overview of what needs to be done and when mails need to be answered. Everything you need to get in control of your day.

Current Challenges
Benefits for the individual:
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Plan emails with notes
  • Dashboard that gives you complete command and control over your inbox
  • “Today view” updates task list every day
  • Like a mini-CRM in your inbox
  • Virtually eliminates stress
  • Leverage advanced features in Outlook you did not know existed
  • Auto-workflow guides you through the process of getting things done
Benefits to the organization:
  • Not connected to any servers like SaneBox and other 3rd party applications that create security risks. (All your data is stored in O365 or your Exchange Server.)
  • No need for employees to remind each other of emails
  • Customers are answered on time
  • No deals are lost due to poor response times
  • Managers can review each user’s email task list
  • Bolts seamlessly on to your existing Outlook with no connection to external servers
  • Employees are less stressed by managing email
  • Can be pushed out centrally by IT
  • Installing one add-in gives users access to all bite-size LeanMail products on demand
  • Personal, Virtual, eLearning and free video tutorials available
  • 24/7 support
Current challenges associated with planning emails in Outlook

LeanMail Plan is for any Microsoft Outlook user that wants to ensure that mails are never forgotten or answered too late, and who want a clear overview of what needs to be done and when mails need to be answered.

The problem is that it is very time-consuming (re-wording subject lines to task subjects, adding deadlines and priority) and when the pressure is on, the chances of you doing this consistently are significantly lowered.

There is also confusion due to the fact that you either have a copy of the task in your inbox (the original mail) or you’ve deleted or filed away the original mail (do you remember which?) which makes it difficult to respond to the thread.

Dragging and dropping to Calendar works too until the day that you forget to move some items that you didn’t get to. Since Outlook won’t move undone items forward automatically, you find yourself in embarrassing situations.

Taking notes on paper or even digitally works as well. The paper method, however, doesn’t allow for back-ups, is extremely difficult to keep up with if you receive more than ten mails per day, and must be re-written very often since you can not automatically adjust the items as time goes on.

While a spreadsheet might be a better alternative, going back and forth between Outlook and Excel as well as constant cutting and pasting in order to keep items in order can drive even the most patient people crazy.

If you want to see a mail on January 28 you have to go through a minimum of four steps – and then you are stuck snoozing alarms constantly. Finally, you miss actioning the mail because it was one of the 47 that you kept snoozing.

The all time favorite is “on the fly” or by the seat of your pants planning. This non-system or anti-system approach assures you that you will miss important mails even if you are very proud of your memory.


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LeanMail Learning Center

The LeanMail Learning Center has a wide array of learning possibilities.  Many of them are free.

The following forms of training are available:

  • Video tutorials
  • eLearning tutorials and complete training
  • Corporate complete training and coaching
  • Ad-hoc complete training and coaching