Since 2007

What, How, and Why We do what we do

WHAT we do

We produce email productivity software solutions to ensure modern knowledge workers whistle while they work.

HOW we do it

We do this by designing the right environment and motivation to follow best practices.

WHY we do it

Because we take great pleasure in knowing that we positively impact our customers’ lives on an hourly basis.

LeanMail Mision

LeanMail produces email productivity solutions for those who seek maximum efficiency And effectiveness in their day-to-day activities. 

Our focus is on repetitive tasks like email, meetings, project work and coaching because even small improvements in this sphere can exponentially accelerate the business. 

As our name suggests, empowering people to have full control of how to manage email in Outlook is an important part of what we do, but we take an ecosystems approach by designing a conducive environment and creating the motivation to ensure that each individual is being supported according to their specific needs in a number of areas within their day-to-day activities.

Our Vision

Our vision at LeanMail is nothing short of being a dominant supplier of productivity solutions for individuals and organizations seeking to maximize how they manage email and other desktop tools, and especially regarding productivity and waste reduction.

Our core values

While using Japanese words to express our core values might seem odd from an outside or Western perspective, there are several reasons why this makes perfect sense for us.

First, while Lean concepts originated in the United States, it was the Japanese — and especially the Toyata car manufacturer, who developed Lean thinking to make it such a powerful force today.  Over decades, the Japanese Language has been inextricably tied to Lean.  Japanese Words like Kaizen, Poke-Yoke and Gemba are known to Lean leaders and factory workers alike.

Second, there are certain words in Japanese that express images in ways that Western languages are less capable, making them more efficient to use than explanational phrases.

Third, one of our longest standing employees, Esther Bieto, has been studying Japanese for many years, and she also has had a great influence on our culture and core values-setting. Our CEO is also a self-proclaimed Japanophile.

LeanMail's Values

At LeanMail, we have three core values:

LeanMail Values Meaning

Defining Japanese Words is no easy task because Japanese is a “picture” language, but here is our attempt.


This is the value that expresses how we view our customer: The customer is God.

What a powerful statement.  While one might feel that this statement is borderline hyperbole, we feel that it is closer to how we view the customer than anything we have come across.



This is the value that expresses how we treat our customer: One single word that expresses Honesty, Sincerity, Uprightness and Candor. Japanese efficiency at its finest.



This is the value that expresses how we operate: Continuous improvement.

The rejects we created yesterday are corrected with countermeasures today, and our focus is directed towards improving what we are working on now.

Value Proposition

Executive summary

Email is the leading cause of preventable productivity loss in organizations today.
– Forbes Magazine.

LeanMail removes the obstacles to having an organized inbox and increases productivity by 20-50%. Some say much more. It also reduces missed or late emails by 95% or greater. End result: more sales and happier customers.

LeanMail does this by casting a light on what is actually going on in your inbox; providing 30-60 minutes of personalized training and coaching per solution; and creating the right environment and motivation to maintain awareness and the incentive to follow best practices with our modularized software solutions for Microsoft Outlook (Windows).

Your teams could be trained in the morning, then, already by the afternoon, they will be less stressed, massively more motivated, efficient, and effective for years to come.

The Challenge

Email is out of control because there are no controls

The fact that 20-40% or more of a modern worker’s day is spent managing email, is not new.  What is disconcerting, however, is the data collected from hundreds of SME’s and global enterprises that shows that at least 23% of that time is unproductive.  Worse, customers and opportunities are lost in unread or misplaced emails, as well as late responses due to inattention to priorities. The real loss, then, is not the time, but how that lost time could have been leveraged. Sales and adding value for the customer.  Almost all of this goes unnoticed by management because there are no controls.

We are eating spaghetti with spoons and no tip or trick will significantly produce better results with inappropriate tools.  Many organizations have stopped confronting the issue even as it continues to cause undue stress, undermine sales, and beleaguer customer service. There are two main reasons for this: One, the mistaken belief that email will soon be replaced, and two, that email is a personal productivity challenge.  Think of your own organization.  What countermeasures are being taken regarding email management, and who is responsible for productivity in this area?

Email is not going anywhere

MS Teams, Slack and other channels have increased the amount of communication and reduced phone calling, but these complements to email have not reduced email traffic.  On the contrary, email volume continues to surge at a rate of 3% annually.

94% of the problem is the system – E.W. Deming

The Internet is overflowing with a plethora of tips and tricks to manage your inbox. And yet, none of these solutions has come to light as being the silver bullet.  That is because the challenge of email is not one of personal productivity as was once thought.  It is a systems problem requiring an upgrade to the application.  Mindfulness alone is not the remedy.

Email is a digital tool that requires digital innovation in order to coexist with the requirements of fast-paced transactional businesses.  Microsoft and other providers have not significantly altered the way manage email since its inception.  An inbox is still a receptacle – a black box if you will, that we enter with the best intentions, but without a carefully designed framework to ensure we get the right results, on time, and with the least amount of effort. 

The Solution

We start with offering essential tools

LeanMail modules comprise the five essential email management tools needed to handle more than ten or fifteen emails per day. These tools fall into five categories:

  1. Control over finding email
  2. Control over priorities
  3. Control over your day
  4. Control over volume
  5. Control over shared inboxes


Security and adherence to GDPR

LeanMail is 100% safe because it is client-based, and bolts seamlessly on to Outlook.  No servers are connected, except the license server controlling which modules are used. No information is gathered or stored by LeanMail except a user’s contact information, which is strictly regulated according to the rules of GDPR.  This means that if our software is removed, there is no information loss since all of the data remains stored on the Exchange Server.

Work smarter, not harder

Keeping Outlook’s interface means that the learning curve has a gentle slope.  LeanMail uses many functionalities already found in Outlook, adds others including automations, workflows, and templated views, making Outlook better organized, enabling us to work more closely to Lean ideals: smarter, not harder.

LeanMail provides the missing puzzle pieces as well as the workflows and methodology to ensure that:

  1. Employees feel confident and in control of their inbox.
  2. 99% of the waste is removed.
  3. Non-essential email is separated from essential email.
  4. Value is added with each click.
  5. Customers feel valued and trust your organization to deliver on time.
  6. Bottle necks are removed and business flows faster and according to priorities.
  7. Less resources are needed, and more gets done.
  8. Individual users can decide the amount of control they want – choosing the right modules for them as well as being able to customize each one.

LeanMail is an end-to-end method, training, software, and support solution

Our software (add-in for Outlook on Windows PCs) comprises five customizable modules that can be licensed individually or in bundles.  Employees can mix and match like Lego blocks according to their specific needs.

We offer nine ways to learn, including: private, public, group, webinar, eLearning, video tutorials, etc. 

24/7 email, chat and video conference support on Zoom and Teams is also available.