When It Comes To Productivity, Technology Can Hurt And Help

With instant messages buzzing, emails pinging and texts ringing, how can employers increase productivity in the workplace? Software companies are tackling the problem, tracking employees’ computer time to find ways to improve their efficiency.

Ok, this week the Atrendia Friday Video is not a video, but a podcast.

I’m sure that many of you wonder if we are really getting a lot of productivity out of all these social “productivity” tools.

This NPR podcast offers some social productivity tools as well as some balanced advice about productivity in general.


Whether your organization chooses Jive, Cohuman, Gluu, Yammer, or any of the plethora of social networking tools now becoming ubiquitous on the market, one thing is certain:  If you don’t set guidelines and educate your employees on what to use and when – and most importantly, how to avoid constant interruption, the hoped-for productivity will be limited at best and wasted time at worst.

By the way, if you don’t know about NPR (National Public Radio), it is by far the best and most informative talk radio station in the US.

Click here to enjoy the podcast

Duration: 4:36

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Happy Friday!

Michael Hoffman


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