I was introduced to LeanMail four years ago, as I found my mail box to be a stress factor! I must say the system has grown on me. I have gone from the point of being sceptical to being addicted to LeanMail. I receive a great number of mails and while I am not sure I am spending less time on handling mails, the real value for money is that it gives me a great overview! I can prioritize, distinguish between information and tasks and add next actions and deadlines. That way I can focus only on the mails I need to process today. I can easily move deadlines around if more critical tasks turn up. But a mail is never missed, lost or forgotten. Also the logical archiving system makes it is easy to find old or related e-mails. The original aim was achieved – instead of my mailbox controlling me, I feel in control of my mailbox! I am trying to spread the good use of LeanMail to all my colleagues, as it is a very easy tool with immediate effect.
Eva Søndergaard
Financial Controller
ALD Automotive

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