Several years ago our firm embraced the principles of Lean/Six Sigma in order to improve our effectiveness on behalf of our clients, and increase our profitability. We hired a very experienced Black Belt/Sensei, and we have been embarked on a Quality Journey since he joined us. We have seen significant improvements as we have changed the culture of our law firm to embrace the Lean/Six Sigma tools for improving quality and dealing with change. During this same period I became increasingly frustrated with the impact of email on my attempts to gain control of my schedule and stay focused on my priorities. I tried various systems drawing on Stephen Covey, David Allen and others. Nothing worked, and my frustration grew. One day I did a Google search combining Lean and emai. I discovered LeanMail, and it has completely transformed my relationship to my email, and given me the necessary tools to tame my inbox and incorporate my email into my Lean business processes, rather than spend my time fighting it. Email has become a tool, rather than merely being a frustrating challenge. I had two of my Directors train with me in the use of LeanMail, and they have been enthusiastic as well. I currently have six more key staff members training in LeanMail, and I anticipate that we will be training many more of our staff in the days to come. Based on my attempts to find a solution, I am confident in stating that LeanMail stands alone as an overall solution to dealing with email, as it incorporates the most important principles of Lean/Six Sigma into an elegant software solution that is well supported with excellent training and customer service.
John Heard
CEO & Partner
Heard and Smith

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