How to squeeze more out of your employees – and have them thank you for it

by Michael Hoffman

No one cares about how well employees manage their inbox. Not the leadership. Not employees themselves. But here is why everyone should:

  • Fixing it will take two hours.
  • Keeping it fixed, another two hours over a couple of weeks.
  • And from day one, you will have increased everyone’s efficiency and effectiveness by 5X or more.

Pop in a small add-in for Outlook, learn how to use it, and boom, 5X more productivity.


Don’t pooh pooh that. The majority of your knowledge workers send anywhere from 25% to 50% of their day processing email — in addition to Slack or Teams.

Getting 5X’s more results in what is still the key communications channel of your business in just two hours is would be worth it ROI-wise even if it were an employee’s last week on the job.

And here is the kicker: they will love you for it.

While you are squeezing more out of them, they are thanking you for making their lives easier, more stress free and successful.

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