Gudmundur Borgar Ingolfsson

“This has supported me in great to keep my mails organized and expecially when I decide to take action on specific mail”  LeanMail has given me new way of working with emails. Gudmundur Borgar Ingolfsson Product Expert FLSmidth

Joakim Majava

“It is a great tool to organize and plan your daily business”  When leaving a workday I feel more at ease and satisfied knowing my planning is rigid and I don´t have to worry that I miss anything. Joakim Majava VD/CEO Trident Industri AB

Joachim Fernandes

“I have a better overview of my workload.”   It’s easier for mapping out my work. Joachim Fernandes Customer Relations FLSmidth

Adolfo de Lara

” I am saving a lot of time looking for mail and subjects.” Adolfo de Lara Operations New Lub

Helene Kimø

“LeanMail gave us all a new view of Outlook and all the possibilities within.” Even though it was only two times two hours training it LeanMail gave us all a new view of Outlook and all the possibilities within. It has helped me in prioritizing and filing information in a quicker and smarter way – […]

Anders Landenstad

“LeanMail is one of the easiest plug-in/software that I have used together with Outlook.” It’s simple and straightforward compared to other similar systems that I have tried. Now I have an empty inbox every day. Anders Landenstad Quality Control Engineer Semcom

Johannes Mortensen

“I profit from it every day…worth millions to any employer. “ Basically I signed up for the Atrendia course sight unseen because I had spent many years using Outlook as a tool, and had often thought that it sometimes was difficult to stay organized. I actually had no great expectations for what could be learned […]