Unveiling the Diamond Mine: Applying Pareto to Your Inbox is Essential

by Michael Hoffman

Imagine the company’s emails as a vast mine, rich with precious diamonds scattered among countless pebbles. Afterall, wouldn’t you agree that 80% of what is being passed back and forth is trivial compared to the vital few? The Pareto principle acts as a skilled prospector, sifting through the clutter to reveal the brilliant gems hidden within.

As the prospector meticulously examines each email, the diamonds (the vital 20%) emerge, glistening with significance and value. These valuable emails represent critical tasks, urgent matters, and opportunities that hold the potential to transform the company’s fortunes.

With the diamonds in hand, the company’s focus sharpens, like a master jeweler crafting a breathtaking masterpiece. Every precious stone is thoughtfully set into place, representing decisive actions taken in response to the most vital emails.

The rest of the pebbles, while still useful and relevant, are recognized as supporting elements rather than focal points. They provide context and background (or invoices to be paid, project reports, Q&A, etc., but their brilliance pales in comparison to the radiant diamonds (contracts, important negotiations, and other urgent and important matters).

As the company’s diamond mine is skillfully managed, productivity soars, and the organization gains a competitive edge. The diamonds unearthed by the Pareto principle serve as guiding stars, aligning the team’s efforts with the company’s most significant goals and priorities.

With the company’s newfound clarity and focus, it confidently strides forward, empowered by the transformative impact of prioritization. The diamond mine becomes a source of prosperity, driving the company’s success and elevating it to new heights of achievement.

By embracing the Pareto principle, the company unveils its true treasures—the diamonds of importance—and unleashes a transformation that propels it toward a brilliant future. The strategic decisions and actions taken in response to these vital emails resonate like a symphony of success, harmonizing the efforts of the entire organization and creating a legacy of excellence for years to come.

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