The Unseen Wheel:
When Teams Don’t Know
What They Don’t Know
by Michael Hoffman

You’ve clearly thought about the benefits of LeanMail and how it could enhance your team’s productivity. While the reluctance to impose any cutting-edge solution is understandable, it’s unlikely your team will discover LeanMail on their own amidst today’s informational overload.

If you think about how much more efficient and effective you have become at managing email (perhaps you even wonder how you could get on without it), it would be a great shame to keep LeanMail under wraps. Let’s not forget the Post-it Note storyPeer Collaboration is Key to Make Innovation Happen.

The fact is, without your proactive step to introduce it, this valuable tool may never see the light of day in your organization. Sharing LeanMail isn’t imposing; it’s cutting through the noise to provide a proven option. Offering this choice becomes an act of empowering your team to make genuinely informed decisions in a crowded landscape of possibilities.

One impactful way to bring LeanMail into your team’s radar is by offering an exclusive, internal workshop focused on email management and productivity. Framing it as an opportunity for team members to learn new skills and optimize their workflow adds value to the invitation. A  workshop isn’t just a one-way presentation; it opens the floor for questions, objections, and a real-time exchange of ideas.

You get to showcase LeanMail in action, and they get to experience its benefits firsthand, facilitating a collective, informed decision. By making it exclusive (choose a time here), you not only highlight the importance but also make the team feel chosen for something that could be a game-changer in their daily tasks.

If you consider the hours saved and the efficiency gained, the opportunity cost of not introducing LeanMail.

Here is a link to find out more about LeanMail and to register for our Free LeanMail introductory workshop.

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