Become More Organized With Habit Change

Is This You? Improving with Habit Change I’ve seen Hector (a local homeless person) wheeling his cart around Barcelona a few times. It’s massive. It must be extremely difficult to [...]

8 Surprising Tips to boost productivity

8 Surprising Tips to Boost your Productivity Here at LeanMail, we’ve seen that the key factor for productivity and successful email management it is not only to have the right tools and [...]

Email management for productivity, a tool but not a Solution

Email management for productivity: easy to mistake a tool for a solution. Even though most of our customers might call our LeanMail email management software for Microsoft Outlook the definitive [...]

How to not hate your inbox? Don’t blame the tool, improve email management.

Email management is not a tool and it’s not bad Many people refer to email management as a tool, but it’s not.  Email is a medium just like books, CD’s, and letters are media.  You may not [...]

Facilitating Compliance: helping patients choose health

By Sharon Drew Morgan In the late 1970s, I approached my studies for an MSc in Health Sciences (Community Health Education) with an idealistic goal to create ways to promote wellness and prevent [...]

If you are a LeanMail user who finds him or herself on the road a lot…

If you are a LeanMail user who finds him or herself on the road a lot — perhaps you don’t even start your computer every day, you can still keep up with LeanMail.  Here’s how: Of course the best [...]

Why leaders are blind to the most important productivity opportunity of all

Email is the leading cause of preventable productivity loss in organizations today. Forbes Magazine (2008) Employees spend 1 to 3 or more hours per day managing email at 40-60% of capacity.  That [...]

Inbox480 – My Personal Story – Part I

It all started with a client. To begin with, his IT manager had told him that 92% of his incoming email was spam and was filtered out before it ever reached his inbox. So my client never saw more [...]

Can Collaboration Work?

We enter into collaborations assuming we’ll succeed as teamwork partners. Yet we rarely achieve true partnership: Because we listen uniquely and through biased filters we sometimes mistakenly [...]

Hey Mr. Sales Director, George Trachilis is NOT nuts. Are you nuts?

One of your prime objectives as a sales director is to get your teams out of their inbox and in front of the customer as much as possible. I’m not knocking the importance of email, I’m just [...]

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