ActiveWords Assign words to actions on your computer. Why write a paragraph when you can insert it automatically by typing one single word?  Besides text substitution, ActiveWords opens documents, folders, web pages, and starts programs instantly.  Just tap a few letters on your keyboard and whatever you need magically appears.  ActiveWords is THE productivity tool […]

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Implement LeanMail In Your Organization

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Implement LeanMail In Your Organization  1. Email management solutions are basically digital paper shuffler. Myth: LeanMail probably organizes email and adds more bureaucracy to an already bureaucratic process. I have enough add-ins my kitchen drawer already.  Myth Buster: LeanMail is not an organizer — though it will help you become more organized.  It is a Lean-based […]

9 Tips for Working from Home

9 Tips for Working from Home There are oodles of tips on the Net for working from home.  Here is a compact version. 1. Create a morning and closing routine Routines are important because they prime us for jumping into our work and help us transition back to our personal life, respectively.  There are lots […]

How to squeeze more out of your employees – and have them thank you for it.

How to squeeze more out of your employees – and have them thank you for it No one cares about how well employees manage their inbox. Not the leadership. Not employees themselves. But here is why everyone should: Fixing it will take two hours. Keeping it fixed, another two hours over a couple of weeks. […]

Errors that LeanMail novices make in the planning step

Errors that LeanMail novices make in the planning step    Follow-up; Read; Read and revert; Call; are a few of the typical entries that many LeanMail novices write as Next Actions.    At the time you write them, they make perfect sense because at that particular moment you were immersed in the details of what it was you were supposed to do.  The problem occurs three […]

How to Run an Effective Daily Stand-up Meeting

How to Run an Effective Daily Stand-up Meeting I was recently requested to suggest how to run an effective daily stand-up meeting. It dawned on me that we had not articulated the process in our own company so all the more reason to explicitly formulate this important morning staple. The Goal The goal of the […]

Lacking Discipline? Get Values Cheerleaders

discipline comess from value cheerleaders

Lacking Discipline? Get Values Cheerleaders  I’ve been flying for over 50 years. How a plane defies gravity with its own massive weight along with the weight of passengers, baggage and freight is, for me, always mind-boggling. Every time I fly.   Core values of flight  An airplane is designed and constructed by teams of thousands of individuals meticulously following an explicitly detailed master plan. Each […]

A Simple Rule to Run Effective Meetings

A Simple Rule to Run Effective Meetings Ask your team to identify their biggest productivity killer and inevitably two issues will rise to the top of the list: managing their inboxes and their useless meeting schedules. I’ll tackle the former in a future post. For now, I’d like to focus on increasing the value of […]

To use a habit tracker app or not to use a habit tracker app

Habit tracker app, to use a habit tracking app

To use a habit tracker app or not to use a habit tracker app Getting into a habit tracker app (apps that help us remember to study our Spanish, do our push-ups in the morning and drink at least 1½ liters of water) are springing up.  Do they really work?  That’s a question I had […]

How to improve team productivity and how to measure it

team productivity : Improve team productivity

How to improve team productivity and how to measure it This is where most companies succeed or fail. We’ve all seen big companies start from the ground up. Microsoft, Apple, Uber and many others have shown us that we can go from an idea to a successful business with the right bases. These bases are […]

Become More Organized With Habit Change


Is This You? Improving with Habit Change I’ve seen Hector (a local homeless person) wheeling his cart around Barcelona a few times. It’s massive. It must be extremely difficult to maneuver. One day I went up to him asked him if he really needed all of those things. He actually articulated an impressive defense. That’s […]

8 Surprising Tips to boost productivity

8 Surprising Tips to Boost your Productivity Here at LeanMail, we’ve seen that the key factor for productivity and successful email management it is not only to have the right tools and training but to be open to change. So it shouldn’t be a big surprise that Behavioral Change is a trending topic. The more […]