6 Reasons Why You Should Not Implement LeanMail In Your Organization

by Michael Hoffman

1. Email management solutions are basically digital paper shuffler.

Myth: LeanMail probably organizes email and adds more bureaucracy to an already bureaucratic process. I have enough add-ins my kitchen drawer already. 

Myth Buster: LeanMail is not an organizer — though it will help you become more organized.  It is a Lean-based methodology supported by customizable tools that leverage what is already available in Outlook in a way that brings any user type to a new level of productivity. 

2. Everyone has their own style, so trying to shove square pegs into round holes will not work. 

Myth: There is no single way to manage an inbox, so I’m not going to force people to get on board the latest fad. 

Myth Buster: Everyone has a unique way of working. Some may be more productive than others, but everyone can benefit by customizing our solutions to fit their requirements. In terms of being a fad, Lean Mail has been facilitating organizations including Fortune 500 companies for over 14 years, so our solutions tried and true.   

3. We have bigger fish to fry. 

Myth: Email is the least of my problems.  For us it is about cost cutting and increased sales.  I see that email is an important tool, but I can think of a dozen things that are higher priorities than email training and more software. 

Myth Buster: Because email is a central tool in your communications suite, it is involved in almost every internal and external relationship, and it is often the bottleneck. 46% of consumers believe email is the best channel for contacting a company.  So sales are reduced or lost when email is mismanaged.  Likewise, customer relations (internally as well as externally) suffer due to overstuffed inboxes causing resentment and stress. When email ceases to be the bottleneck, business flow immediately accelerates. 

4. Most of the people in our organization are quite efficient with email. 

Myth: People who need help with managing their inbox have access to lots of training and are good with using rules and the like. If not, they just end up staying a bit longer at the end of the day or take care of some emails in the evening.  In the end, it’s not really a great cost to the organization. 

Myth Buster: Contrary to popular belief, the main challenge with managing email is systemic, not personal. Outdated hierarchical folder systems, limited prioritization and planning tools, prevent even the most astute productivity experts from taming their inboxes. Even if you feel that employees should spend personal time on email(!), they should at least be given the proper tools. 

5. We want to decrease IT applications not increase them. 

Myth: All we need is yet another SaaS subscription that we then have to support. (Sarcasm) 

Myth Buster: The goal is not to decrease IT applications.  It is to limit applications to those where the ROI justifies their cost and maintenance.  LeanMail is the first application our customers request when they enter into a new company not because it makes Outlook prettier, but because it is vital to an employee’s ability to perform well. 

6. We are using Teams/Slack now, so email is becoming a non-issue. 

Myth: Email is falling out of fashion and will soon be eclipsed by other more efficient tools. 

Myth Buster: Teams, Slack, and other communication tools have sprung up over the past few years, increasing the flow of information.  Nevertheless, email has continued to increase by 3% each year since the 2000’s, so we are not receiving less email because of these new channels.  The bottom line is that email continues to flourish and will be a major part of our communication toolbox for decades to come because innovative solutions, such as the ones that LeanMail provides, continue to bolster this robust, ubiquitous, workhorse. 

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