Facilitating Compliance: helping patients choose health

By Sharon Drew Morgan In the late 1970s, I approached my studies for an MSc in Health Sciences (Community Health Education) with an idealistic goal to create ways to promote wellness and prevent [...]

Why leaders are blind to the most important productivity opportunity of all

Email is the leading cause of preventable productivity loss in organizations today. Forbes Magazine (2008) Employees spend 1 to 3 or more hours per day managing email at 40-60% of capacity.  That [...]

Most salespeople completely blow their first newbiz meeting – including you

You land a meeting with a prospect that you’ve been researching for quite some time.  Then you make the same mistake that most sales people make:  you book an hour-long meeting at her office. [...]

8 strategy questions every CEO should ask

With 300+ likes and 1K shares, the strategy article 8 things every leader should know about strategy somehow struck a nerve. But as many readers pointed out correctly, it’s one thing to know what [...]

Guest blog: Training vs. Learning: do you want to train? Or have someone learn?

Training successfully educates only those who are predisposed to the new material. Others may endeavor to learn during class but may not permanently adopt it. The problem isn’t the value of [...]

How my small company cut in half our $3.2 million dollar inbox expense in just 12 minutes!

  OK, I have a small company of only 200 employees, so $3.2 million is nothing. But imagine a company of 2,000 employees that spend 2 hrs. per day on email with an average annual salary of [...]

To 5S or not to 5S

I recently took part in a discussion that debated whether 5S is the best way to introduce Lean to an organization.  While this is a common approach because of the quick visual impact that gives a [...]

Atrendia Friday Video 23 – A Conference Call in Real Life

In this YouTube video you’ll relive those agonizing on-line meeting moments that make you want to pull out your hair!  You’ll be jumping up and down shouting: “So true!”.  [...]

Atrendia Friday Video 19 – Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work

Many thanks to our client, Mitch Sowards, from www.entrust.us.com (Managed IT Services in Texas), for providing this Friday’s fabulously entertaining video.  We believe that we should work [...]

Do FIRST the things you MUST do

You can relieve stress, ensure that you make deadlines, and give yourself a greater sense of control simply by following one general rule: Do the things you absolutely HAVE to do as soon as you [...]

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