Managing emails (in Outlook) is simple — once you understand three things

Managing emails (in Outlook) is simple — once you understand three things For many, managing an inbox is an agonizing Sisyphean task – or at least unpleasant and inefficient. But really, it’s quite simple, and can be enormously efficient if you embrace three important concepts. Before we get to those concepts, however, let’s understand why […]

Five things to know when buying productivity software

If you have ever bought a diamond ring, you probably know about the 4C’s of diamonds: cut, color, clarity, and carats.     It’s also fine if you don’t.    Maybe the size of the diamond was the main thing you cared about because, let’s face it, it’s the most obvious characteristic and you’re probably not […]

Remember those days of hour-long meetings

Remember those days of back-to-back hour-long meetings? Well, they’re gone, and they won’t be coming back— I mean ever. I’m not saying that we won’t have an occasional 60-minute meeting, but videoconferencing is changing more than where we meet; it’s also changing for how long we meet. I hate to say, “I told you so” […]

Sending The Snow

I can imagine being on the other end of being asked to send in the “snow” – your empty inbox at the end of the day with 0 to prioritize, 0 to plan and 0 Today. On first glance, this request may seem a bit over the top. I get it. If you still feel […]

Outlook Tip #1

  3 things you can do with an email that not everyone knows about: 1) Create a calendar event Drag the email to your calendar icon in the lower left-hand side of Outlook. This will allow you to block out time to execute the task in the email. Use this when an email requires 30 […]

How 5S is applied in LeanMail

1. Sort: In the Prioritize view, Delete, Archive, assign High or Normal priority. Do this quickly like dealing playing cards. Answer mails that take less than 10 seconds. When you are finished sorting, your view will change to Plan.  2. Straighten:         Now that the waste is removed, non-actionable emails are archived, and emails needing action are prioritized according to the […]

The Art of Categorizing in LeanMail

The Art of Categorizing in LeanMail Sneak Peek – InstantArchive Categorization When we categorize emails, we are doing so in order to be able to locate them quickly and easily. Beginning with that end in mind, since all your mails will be placed in one folder, we should not be thinking in hierarchies (folder in […]

The method makes sense, but still, you revert to your old ways

The method makes sense, but still, you revert to your old ways  Here are the 13 biases and effects that can easily derail you from adopting LeanMail – or any new habit for that matter.   Ambiguity effect  The tendency to avoid options for which the probability of a favorable outcome is unknown.  Is why […]

Let’s stop taking an ad-hoc approach to email. And let’s do it intentionally.

Let’s stop taking an ad-hoc approach to email. Let’s do it intentionally.   Here’s the thing.  When we enter our inbox without a fixed procedure, we are immediately faced with dozens of options regarding how we are going to manage our email. While options sound like a good thing to have, they are extremely limiting. […]

How to Save and Archive Documents Like a Pro

How to Save and Archive Documents Like a Pro If you look up how to save a file in Google, you will get this: Follow these steps to save a document as a separate version: Select File> Save As. In the Save As dialog box, ensure that the Version option is selected. … In the Description field, enter information about the content that has changed from the […]


Ant Text Intelligent branding email templates. Email management has never been easier! With Ant Text, any company can be more efficient with email communication. This add-in can be used directly from Outlook!   Try it now for FREE! What is Ant Text Ant Text is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that makes you and your colleagues more […]

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Implement LeanMail In Your Organization

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Implement LeanMail In Your Organization  1. Email management solutions are basically digital paper shuffler. Myth: LeanMail probably organizes email and adds more bureaucracy to an already bureaucratic process. I have enough add-ins my kitchen drawer already.  Myth Buster: LeanMail is not an organizer — though it will help you become more organized.  It is a Lean-based […]