The method makes sense, but still, you revert to your old ways

The method makes sense, but still, you revert to your old ways  by Michael Hoffman Here are the 13 biases and effects that can easily derail you from adopting LeanMail – or any new habit for that matter. Ambiguity effect  The tendency to avoid options for which the probability of a favorable outcome is unknown.  Is […]

Let’s stop taking an ad-hoc approach to email. And let’s do it intentionally.

Let’s stop taking an ad-hoc approach to email. Let’s do it intentionally. by Michael Hoffman Here’s the thing.  When we enter our inbox without a fixed procedure, we are immediately faced with dozens of options regarding how we are going to manage our email. While options sound like a good thing to have, they are extremely […]

How to Save and Archive Documents Like a Pro

How to Save and Archive Documents like a Pro by Michael Hoffman If you look up how to save a file in Google, you will get this:  Follow these steps to save a document as a separate version: Select File> Save As. In the Save As dialog box, ensure that the Version option is selected. … In the Description field, enter information about the content that has changed […]


Ant Text Intelligent branding email templates. Email management has never been easier! With Ant Text, any company can be more efficient with email communication. This add-in can be used directly from Outlook!   Try it now for FREE! What is Ant Text Ant Text is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that makes you and your colleagues more […]

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Implement LeanMail In Your Organization

 6 Reasons Why You Should Not Implement LeanMail In Your Organization by Michael Hoffman 1. Email management solutions are basically digital paper shuffler. Myth: LeanMail probably organizes email and adds more bureaucracy to an already bureaucratic process. I have enough add-ins my kitchen drawer already.  Myth Buster: LeanMail is not an organizer — though it will help you become more organized.  […]

9 Tips for Working from Home

9 Tips Working From Home by Michael Hoffman There are oodles of tips on the Net for working from home.  Here is a compact version. 1. Create a morning and closing routine Routines are important because they prime us for jumping into our work and help us transition back to our personal life, respectively.  There are […]

How to squeeze more out of your employees – and have them thank you for it.

How to squeeze more out of your employees – and have them thank you for it by Michael Hoffman No one cares about how well employees manage their inbox. Not the leadership. Not employees themselves. But here is why everyone should: Fixing it will take two hours. Keeping it fixed, another two hours over a couple […]

Errors that LeanMail novices make in the planning step

Errors that LeanMail novices make in the planning step by Michael Hoffman Follow-up; Read; Read and revert; Call; are a few of the typical entries that many LeanMail novices write as Next Actions.    At the time you write them, they make perfect sense because at that particular moment you were immersed in the details of what it was you were supposed to do.  […]

How to Run an Effective Daily Stand-up Meeting

How to Run an Effective Daily Stand-Up Meeting by Michael Hoffman I was recently requested to suggest how to run an effective daily stand-up meeting. It dawned on me that we had not articulated the process in our own company so all the more reason to explicitly formulate this important morning staple. The Goal The goal […]

Desktop Hack – Get rid of desktop clutter

Desktop Clutter - Productivity TIp

Desktop hack – Get Rid of Desktop Clutter by Michael Hoffman Here’s an easy hack for reducing clutter on your desktop. The computer desktop has replaced the physical desktop in many ways. It’s important to keep it clean and neat, just like your physical desktop so that you can find the things you’re looking for. Even […]

Looks can be deceiving, so we stick to tried and true Pareto.

pareto principles

Looks Can Be Deceiving, So We Stick To Tried and True Pareto by Michael Hoffman My team (steeped in the 80/20 rule or Pareto Principle) came to me with this; Trello’s (new?) way of adding priorities to cards – and I have to say it looks very cool.  Unfortunately, this time Trello got it wrong. Looks can be deceiving.  Ok Trello fans, before you […]

Lacking Discipline? Get Values Cheerleaders

discipline comess from value cheerleaders

Lacking Discipline? Get Values Cheerleaders  I’ve been flying for over 50 years. How a plane defies gravity with its own massive weight along with the weight of passengers, baggage and freight is, for me, always mind-boggling. Every time I fly.   Core values of flight  An airplane is designed and constructed by teams of thousands of individuals meticulously following an explicitly detailed master plan. Each […]