If You Like GTD, You’ll Love LM


If you are a fan of the methodology espoused by David Allen in his book “Getting Things Done” (GTD), you may find that you will appreciate the approach and functionality of LeanMail (LM). GTD is a system for managing tasks and projects that emphasizes the importance of breaking down large tasks into smaller, actionable steps, and focusing on the most important and urgent tasks first. 

LeanMail is a email management system that is built around similar principles of GTD. It aims to help users prioritize and process their emails according to importance and urgency, using techniques like “touching” an email only once, using labels and filters to organize messages, and setting aside dedicated time to review and respond to messages. By using LeanMail’s software and methodology, you can achieve a higher level of organization and efficiency in your inbox, reducing stress and allowing you to focus on more important tasks. 

Additionally, LeanMail also provides features such as Next Actions, Reminderless notifciation, Dashboarding, and prioritization according to the Pareto Principle, which can help users to improve their email management skills. These features make it easier for users to focus on the most important and urgent tasks and make sure that they are taking care of all the important emails that they have received. 


Here is a link to find out more about LeanMail and to register for our Free LeanMail introductory workshop.

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