LeanMail 5.1 Has Arrived

by Michael Hoffman

LeanMail 5.1 marks a major breakthrough in our development. It is our first version with our new Danish team of developers. They have gone through the code to smash literally dozens of small bugs to create a sleeker more dependable LeanMail Add-in.  Also, LeanMail is now much easier to share with others since anyone can now download our software to try any of the modules for 30 days.

Here are some of the highlights of 5.1
New Module

Integrated Inbox480 into LeanMail add-in

If you get a lot of email – especially from external people, Inbox480 is a life saver. Inbox480 separates your essential from the non-essential email that you receive, then deletes non-essential mail after a time that you set. So all those newsletters, articles, vendors, etc., whose mails aren’t spam, but at the same time shouldn’t take up valuable space in your inbox — forcing you to take some sort of action, are put in their place, so you have your space.

New features

New: Read Later button moves email to Read Later Project Folder

Now, while you are prioritizing email, when you come across mails you want to read at a later date – that don’t have deadlines, you can pop them into your Read Later Project Folder with one click.

New: Completed button sends “Completed” mail and auto-archives

Ok, this is pretty cool. You received a task email from a colleague. You take care of whatever was needed. You click on the Completed button and it responds to the emails with [Completed] in front of the subject line — then pulls up your category list so that you can file it away — ALL with ONE click.

Automatically move mails from the LeanMail Archive to LeanMail Master Archive after X weeks.

Remember those days of dragging mails from the LeanMail Archive to the LeanMail Master Archive when they were older than 2 months? Well, those days are gone.  Now you can program how long you want mails to stay in the LeanMail Archive before being moved to the LeanMail Archive, and they will be moved automatically.


New interface (trial, module selection, settings)

New users to LeanMail will find great flexibility in deciding which modules they want, and which they don’t. If you are a team leader, you can start your team with one LeanMail module, then add more as you go. Pay only for what you use.

Post-its can be archived and moved to Project folders

For years, we couldn’t figure out how to archive post-it notes. Our new Danish team did it in just a few hours.


Load time improved

OK, this was a MAJOR disturbance for many of our customers. We felt awful about it, but now its fixed – mainly. Microsoft allows just 1 second before disabling an add-in. That works fine for your run-of-the-mill add-in, but LeanMail has a lot of bells and whistles.  So we think we are 97% of the way there.

RapidReplies not reverting to default when restarting Outlook

Quick confirmation email text can be modified

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